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Easy To Make Robot Grippers?

For an upcoming project I need a simple, easy to make, cheap robot gripper. I have some ideas but I want to see what the community can come up with.


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lol just somthing.....good idea... the junk bot. lol now my gears are turning......
vhs, These are interesting sculptures. The 5 ton one especially.
That's what I thought too. Ideas can come from anywhere. If I can find the plans I have for this hand I made from bike chain and ruberbands and fishing line. I will post it.
Thanks dude! These are interesting designs. Thinking of using all these designs to make my own gripper.
Heres my idea. Using part of the gripper design that's like the one in the shop, and the beetle like gripper rgordon posted I made this. Parts sized and everything. Comments? Changes? Also need to figure out what material to use.

User-inserted image
Aw dude! This is better, way better. Don't worry, I knew my design wasn't that original. Ill play with this idea.
Here's my interpretation.

User-inserted image

Huh? Huh? Yes I know the gear on one side needs to be offset a little so the teeth link up with the "fingers" straight. This was a quick job. ill do more to it to make it proper in a bit.
Techno pro. I think that looks good.there might be some play in the teeth of the gears. What about a mini servo for each claw. Or "finger". Its just a thought.
@vhs896, That would work but it's just as easy and cheaper do use the geared setup.

@Aameralis Thanks dude! Ill take a look. If you want, you could try do build the whole mechanism that I have shown.
So, what do you guys think I should make this out of?

A kind of wood?
Dj is making a bigger ez-bit gripper if you want to try that
I'm aware of that. Just thought I would finish this design in case I don't like the new gripper.
You guys see this gripper on hackaday yesterday?

I'm very tempted to give it a try. I might be able to utilize an old hack I came up with or just use a chapstick or gluestick tube instead.
That could be modified to use the glue stick to pull the points of the fingers in or out. maybe not flexable fingers but still similar concept.