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EZ-Robot Is Our Life

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I write everything from my head onto paper. The walls of my home are covered in large sheets of paper with ideas and theories about robotics. I learn from you, the EZ-Community, to see what you want from robotics. Some of the stories blow my mind, the rest impress and astound. It's beautiful to see how many robots are being built on the EZ-Robot Plaform.

It is important for me to understand what each of you want from your EZ-Robots. So, I had put a Survey online...

The submissions we have received are amazing, and some heart touching! When I look at other forums and platforms, people are merely building "robots".... Compared to you, who are building dreams, passions and purpose!!

The survey submissions we've received range from disability assistance robots, security robots, educational robots, medical robots, companion robots, and more! Every single submission touches my heart! It's beautiful to see what has transpired from a simple vision I had last year.

I sketch my feelings about EZ-Robot on a single poster sized sheet taped to my dining room wall. It reminds me of the fantastic community we have created.

What would you add to that sheet?


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You just continue to amaze DJ! I clicked on the link for the survey, but did not find the survey. In response to your query of what "we" would like to see............ As I build and gain experience in robotics I find things that I would like to do with them. I think it would be great if we could give voice commands to our bots and have them access our PC's data base; such as........"robot, give me a weather report". Or " Robot, whats on TV tonight"? Basically allow remote PC control via a robot interface. I realize that this must sound somewhat backwards as we control our bots via a PC or other electronic devices. As I have prevouisly stated my goal is to build assistant robot(s); so being capable of accessing all of my devices through a robot would be one of my ultimate goals. I do hope this makes sense. Progress on "Gizmo" has slowed significantly as my helper doesn't have as much time to give. I find it so very frustrating as everything seems to take so much longer then I would like. I just take it a day at a time and accomplish what I can. I remain determined and will continue building and learning. Thank you once more for all you have given DJ. Lloyd


How about a robot that is Constantly not only connected to your PC, but the web also. One that can get the email, do Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, news,weather, sports and take notes that it can remember from a data base on when and where he saw objects and people. He could say things like: "You asked about John. I saw John at 3pm in the living room. He was reading a newspaper." Or, "Where is the red ball? It was right here the last time I was in this bedroom." My robot already gives me the news, weather and sports. But, I would like wikipedia. Also, I would like an Intelligent chatbot to tie the whole thing together. But, I already asked you about Synthia or whatever her name was.

Hope that this helped.



You are not to far away from what I was trying to do. I would have never been able to do much if it wasn't for you making the EZ-B and ARC. Everyone always has fun with my assistant on my Android phone. I thought that coupled to a robot that does voice commands and free roam would be great. The only thing I'm not sure you are working on is recognition and the robot being able to looking at me and know it's me or someone else. Just keep doing what you are doing and that will be great I'm sure !:) JW


robotmaker I just think the EZ-B is a better platform . And DJ I think is working on an AI to work in the ARC. I know a lot of people put hard work into the Leaf Project. But after 10 years of it being around I just haven't ran across that much that impressed me. The one that has impressed me is DJ and the endless hours that he has put into his project the EZ-B . And this has came about in just a year. I'm still playing with Leaf on my laptop but it's not looking to good for Leaf:) J.W.


Hey DJ,

GREAT, I mean GREAT stuff! I would add to what others say above and expand on your lifestyle word on your wicked cool fridge art above. I really think that Home Automation and Robotics are so intermingled. I want to bridge the gap between them! I love watching Wallace and Gromit and the contraptions they come up with. It is like HomeAutomation and Robotics together not only to make life easier for everyone, including folks with special needs but also makes it fun at the same time! Make me a Jelly Sandwich Robot! That is what I think is the total Bomb. Awesome DJ, keep it all coming, we will continue to throw ideas your way!




@kkeast home automationis what i have controlling everything in my house from A/C to lights ,every outlets,water heater,with sensor for temperature,SPA control,burglar alarms ,sprinkler system,tv and stereo control and pc control,outside camera's and lot more


Well in about 2 hours it will be Friday and the new Firmware version will be released. It will most likely spawn new ideas and thoughts with all the new features, and EZB will continue to evolve based on our feedback. What a great community, I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon EZB and this forum. I hope that in the near future we can somehow collaborate on some of the ideas from the survey.

Who knows maybe DJ and the EZB will be remembered as the true foundation of future robotics!



9:57pm, I'm never going to make it until tomorrow!


@robotmaker: What computer program, software, and hardware are you using for your home auotmation? I have been interested in automating my home for quite awhile; even more so now. I have looked at HAL in the past. Hardware seems to be readily available on feebay. I would be most interested in the system you are running. Lloyd


DJ I think what you are doing is amazing! I am building my first robot now. So exciting! I have just begun playing. My ultimate goals are to have a robot companion, one I can talk to. A research assist of sort. I am currently writing a novel and it would be great to have it look stuff up via the web and send me notes etc.

I agree with most above, it would be awesome to have some sort of Siri like (Iphone) application where you could give it commands and it would access the internet. Face recognition. Have you seen the Qbo? I ran across this video. And you are already so close. I would like it to at least recognize me. :o)

I think Will is right. I think it's a good possibility that DJ and EZB will be remembered as the foundation for consumer robotics. You have done an amazing job already. Impressive to say the least. Inspiring. Makes people want to be a part of it.


@SFOY look up the LEAF project is does what QBO can do and more ,all open source (free) software it a AI design ,recognizes faces,chat software,spells any words,show real emotions and accessing the internet and more

leaf project main software is on this link other like internet,spelling ,chat files are on the yahoo club site.mostly LISPWORKS files you add to the LEAF.LISP MAIN FILE p.lus help on installing in a main computer or computer on board the robot i design electronic circuits and many many robots if need any help


I did check that one out. Yeah open source but I am so not a programmer. I am scared to mess with firmware. This one time, I got a Spykee. Had a programmer help me get the "open source" software on my pc, using Ubuntu (which was Greek to me). At the end he told me ok here's your new firmware. I uploaded it and now he's broke. I tried to follow directions to fix him but no go. Now he is broke. :o( I am more of a plug and play kind of girl.


i am not a programmer too,buts its easy to install with directions or help from the robot yahoo club


Hmmm... I'll have to finish current robot but may be an idea for next one.



I saw you were asking Robotmaker about home automation. I am curious to know too. I have been doing HA for over 10 years now. I currently use a program called Housebot. I have also used other systems including Home Automated Living (HAL), Event Control System, and HomeSeer. I have found through many years that HA software largely depends on what your requirements are (what you want it to do for you) and what your technical as some systems are much more complicated (and expensive) than others. I am working on integrating my robot with my home automation system right now. Below is a link to a short video of my HA system with robot integration. I have integrated my HA system using a python TCP/IP client server script that takes to ARC.. but now that DJ added VB Scripting I should be able to do even more!




i am using housebot also,really good software,tried a few and ever since i got the housebot software about 8 months ago ,like it better then all the rest and since it can use my USB-UIRT module it also helps,notthing electrical or intertainment i dont have hook up to it also i have 8 computers in each of my rooms,and 2 are 2 server types with 4 tera gig hard drives