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EZ-Robot Complete Kit

Ta-Da! Happy Binary Day!!! (11-11-11)

What better way to compliment an important holiday than something that brings people together (remember, it's Remembrance Day :))... The EZ-Robot Complete Kit is now available!

Following the overwhelming response from the Real Wall-E Video, I found myself in a challenging position. With so many questions and feedback, it is evident that everyone wants to impress their friends and family with a home-built robot. Providing the community with the EZ-B Robot Controller alone was not enough. A kit was required which provides the hardware, software and educational tutorials for everyone to build an impressive voice controlled, color/facial/motion tracking, self-navigating robot over a weekend! The EZ-Robot Project has the passion to fulfill those requirements...

The solution? The Complete Robot Kit!.

I have been ordering and testing parts; I have ordered and tested more servos than one man ever should! I've sent countless emails and had language barrier phone conversations at 4 am to locate oversea suppliers. And most of all, I've found the most robust camera for robotics. And after all that...

I did it: Click To Purchase The EZ-Robot Complete Kit

[feature=Introducing the EZ-Robot Complete Kit:] 1 x EZ-B v3 Bluetooth Robot Controller, Software & Examples 1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor 4 x Standard Servos 2 x Modified Continuous Rotation Servos 1 x EZ-Robot Wireless Camera 1 x Battery Pack (6 x AA 9 volts) 1 x Power Adapter for alternate power supply 2 x Packages of various servo attachments 1 x Awesome... For taking part in the robot revolution [/feature]

Everything you need to start building robots right away!

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Upgrade to ARC Pro

Stay at the forefront of robot programming innovation with ARC Pro, ensuring your robot is always equipped with the latest advancements.


The website now uses your address to determine the shipping price. It also provides you with a multiple delivery options. The delivery prices are queries in real-time from the postal service. :)


Is the price with or with out shipment price ? How much is it for the Netherlands ?

I'm collecting electronics for my Robie SR :)


So cool !!!

I like it !!


Awesome! Glad you do:) It's a busy day! These things are going fast. Real cool to see such a wicked response


Any Specs on the EZ-Robot Wireless Camera? Just wondering if a mic is built in on the EZ-Robot Wireless Camera for voice recognition.

Also if you could provide some basic specs for:

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Standard Servos Modified Continuous Rotation Servos EZ-Robot Wireless Camera Peripheral Extension Cables Battery Pack (5 x AA 8.5 volts) Power Adapter for alternate power supply Packages of various servo attachments

by the way, GREAT JOB!!! WEll Done........

thx A new fan


Thats freaken awesome DJ! I almost wish I would have waited just a little longer and bought the kit instead of just the EZB. (I'm still happy with it though :)) Are you going to be adding the Hbridge you found to the kit? Also what are you going to be selling it for and what is your expected timing?


I just placed my order and I can't wait to start gutting out old Christmas toys....... :D


@GotRobbed I dig your avatar!


Oh that's great. too bad i just bought the normal one. Are there any other shops i can buy the accessories in europe?


Under the "Buy" tab click "Build your own kit", you can purchase individual parts there :D


Doing so ain't I buying from Canada?


DJ, that kit looks so awesomely good! Are you packaging it with an even cooler EZ-Robot tin now too? I saw the photo of a tin in the "Buy" tab of the site. Wicked!

Still love that you can customize your order too! I'm just holding off on ordering because I want to get one of your soon-to-be-coming "very awesome and easy to wire and AMAZING motor controller" all at the same time. Robie Sr. will sure need one of those motor controllers. He's a big bot! ;)

PS - Absolutely love that I saw one of my quotes that you liked on the scrolling Testimonial portion of the website. I'm honored! :D


I received my kit today. i think i got the last one in stock. Ordered it on Sunday night and 4 days later it's at my door. Couldn't ask for faster delivery, Thanks Dj. Now to figure out what to build first.


do you have any idea when the Complete Robot Kit will be available?


@dbutler the kit will be available most likely tomorrow (dec 6). We have almost everything. Just waiting on 2 more parts that should be arriving right away fingers crossed

Although, I think we might be sold out if everyone who has emailed us buys one. So make sure you get your email into us :)


@DJ I noticed the price of the Complete Kit went up a bit... Is there going to be something new included/upgraded or did the cost of some of the components just go up?

Just curious... confused


Cost of components have gone up. Price will change with every batch. We do lots of 500 at a time. That's why the price has changed a few times in the past few months :)


so if we all wait long enough, you could do a big batch and get it cheaper?


I considered selling the software separate. Most robot control software goes for around 100usd. But then you need to buy hardware for another $100usd. Although the only hardware you would consider getting is the EZ-B, right?:) So now that would cost you $200 instead of $130:) - unless you are going to write your own control software.

If you're looking to spend less, then consider using Arduino. You can buy an Arduino board with included bluetooth for $149 but doesn't come with control software:Click

Oh wait, $149 Arduino BT is more than the ez-b AND it doesn't have control software? Hmmmmmm!! Well then...

I can tell you this - The price won't be going down anytime soon:) As the software becomes more advanced with more features, then it is worth a lot more. For a product like this, it is best to get in early.

We price according to development cost. For example, the original price was $79 when we launched beginning of 2011. Back then, we only had an SDK. Then I build ARC and the cost went to $99. Then the cost went to $129 because there was another player who wanted a cut of my hard work. We removed that player and I brought the cost back down to $99. On this batch we reviewed our sales VS development cost + hardware cost to predict the future income. Income is required to keep EZ-Robot + Staff. The new price was determined based on those values. Since May of 2011, over 100 new features have been added to ARC.

Because the EZ-Robot product doesn't follow the usual product life story, we are a bit different. For example, you purchase the product now and you continuely get updates with new features. In a year, the new features makes the product worth more - because it constantly grows. If you buy now, you've made an investment for your future.

In fact, you will be able to sell your EZ-B for more money in a year than you paid now. That's an investment also :)

Every new feature takes hours of software development time. That costs money - We pay shippers/assemblers/customer service/programmers/web developers/etc.. If we all stopped right now and didn't make any new enhancements to the software, the price would not move - Neither would the features.


An alternative is to charge for the software and charge for specific features. That will eventually happen. At some point, the software will grow to a size that is unstoppable. It'll just be huge! Everyday we add new features - Imagine what it will be like in a year? It'll be a software package worth thousands per purchase. It's already been hundreds of thousands of dollars in development cost. So to moderate the cost of the product, it'll eventually be "purchase per module" or standard/advanced versions.

The way EZ-Robot is growing - My suggestion? Get in now :)

My vision for EZ-Robot isn't to create a single "product" then move on. It's a growing product for the people - you're one of those people. As the product changes and grows, so does its worth. It's a good idea to get involved sooner than later.

In my words: It ain't cheap to change the world cool


@DJ Beautifully explained and eloquently put. And the most convincing "sales pitch" I've seen in a long time! ;) I'd been holding out on ordering my Complete Kit for the new motor controller in order to save on shipping. Then the Kit went out of stock and now there's a bit of a "hiccup" with the new motor controller...

But! I think it's time to commit NOW before I miss my chance again... I've hit the "Contact Us" to be notified of availability so I don't miss out again, DJ!

Looking forward to hearing from the good folks @ EZ-Robot! :D


I want 6 more please. Buster has other appendages.


OK, just got notification the new kits are available... where's my credit card...?;) Thanks for an interesting project....



Hello everybody,

Ive been reading this site for the past week, and i love what i see, willing to be part of the community.

But i have a question for DJ, For what i could see, the only way to pay for the Kit is with a Paypal account right?

It happens that in the place i live, Macau, theres no bank with agreement with Paypal, sounds impossible right? But its true ... :(

Any other way i can make the payment, maybe just with Credit Card?

Thanks, hope i can be able to build a Wall - E too, my kids have a big one that is getting dust and no use;) :D


Hey DJ,

I received my Kit today but noticed after inspection that it's missing the power adapter and that I have 3 accessory cables instead of 2 ( I'm only going by what the ad says ) but that's ok for me but may be an issue with someone with no electronic or soldering skills ( now where's my blow torch ) :)

On the good side instead of complaining, the shipping was the fastest I've seen in a l o n g time, the little tin to hold everything is a neat idea and I think you and your crew have done an excellent starter kit for any robot hobbies person of nearly all ages...



Yay! I pre-ordered my EZ Robot Kit! :)

Unfortunately, I did it before the 10% price drop for pre-orders. :(

Story of my life... Oh, well.... at least I secured a kit for me when they're completed.


@Putt please send us a message on the Contact Us and we'll send you a power adapter asap:) If you provide us with your order #, that will help out too.

@My_Evil_Twin ... Send us a contact message with your order number and email address - I'll have amy take care of that for you :)


@DJ_Sures - Thank you VERY much! That was completely unexpected! cool

I have just sent an email as you requested via the Contact Us page with my order number and my PayPal email address.

Another example of how the folks at are just super to deal with! Thanks AGAIN. :D


It seems I have a problem, which is similar to one, that the guy from Macau has. I have a Paypal account (debit card from my home country), but now I'm in Taiwan (it is not the case to receive a local credit card for foreigner here, even foreigner working in governmental organization!). My Paypal says that I can't assign shipping address to my Taiwanese address (even if it is my Alternate address in settings). Ebay works well with Paypal and still ships here, while this site doesn't. I've encountered the same problem for some other web shops, but there was always visa card option, which worked fine for me. If Paypal is the only option in case you need to return money and do it in an easy way, then paranoid Paypal accounts doesn't accept money for citizens of Russia, Ukraine,... and citizens of these and many other countries can ONLY pay. As I see, you ship to Russia as well. I still can order, if you ship to address written in notes to receiver, rather than my home country address. Just don't know if you do that trick. The same problem might appear if somebody wants to send a gift to some different place.


Dear DJ Sures, I want to order BV4113 with Whether it is possible to send me it together with mine EZ-Robot Complete Kit?



whats the spec on the ez-robot wireless camera and can any other camera work very good job on the board


Will there be more EZ-Robot Complete Kit again? I want to order one kit.

United Kingdom

Kind of. There will be the complete kit (with different contents) and the developers kit. Not much detail has been given on these so far but some has, have a look around the forum and you should find the topic where DJ has given away as much as he can about the new board and kits.


I have not get kit. Paid 12.12.2013. Liar.


@ivsigors You bought a pre-order item (the v4), which it says on the shop page. This was a page for the v3. If you want to see the status on the new v4, check about the forum and your inbox for updates. :D

If you want, I can tell you the situation:

The earlier you pre-ordered, the faster you will get it when shipping starts. Which means since I ordered in november, I would get it sooner/in the same batch as you, but someone who preordered 2 years ago is higher priority. Which means you'll be lower on the list. But I think they'll ship fairly fast, so it should be no problem. :P

United Kingdom

@ivsigors As @Cupcakehat has said, your order on that date would have been a pre-order and this would have been made clear at the time as well as in the orders page. Your order will be shipped once shipping of the pre-orders starts. These pre-orders date back to September therefore you may not be in line for one of the first shipped but the backlog will be taken care of.

While you may have ordered some time ago we are all in the same boat and all waiting, we can all understand your frustrations we do not welcome posts of such a tone and nature and they are generally not tolerated on these forums. Please read the notes on your order, emails in your inbox and other topics regarding the V4s and revolution robots before claiming anyone is a liar, your experience here and the amount of help you will receive should you need it will ultimately be based on your attitude. :)


@ivsigors... nobody has the kit yet. It has not shipped yet....

South Africa

It says it will take 5 to 7 weeks for shipping but some people says it was there in a few days how long will it take to ship to South Africa


@society.. Actual shipping time will take a week or two to pretty much anywhere in the world... However, the product isn't released yet as is still in pre-order... The first batch of shipments is rumoured to ship very soon... (I mean for those of us who ordered way back in 2013, anyway). If you order today you'll most likely be at the back of the line... Maybe 5-7 weeks as mentioned... Sooner you put your order in, the sooner you'll get it...