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EZ-B Almost Perfect

as I said,
EZ-B Almost Perfect

DJ, You have a GREAT product! Don't get mad, but to make it perfect, have Wi-Fi instead of or in addition to Bluetooth. I have had bad experiences with bluetooth not being able to travel and pick up very far.

I will probably in the future aquire one of these cards. I am too arduino, basic stamp and SD84 broke.




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Ehm okej,

The ez-b is easy to convert to wifi!!!
Look in the forum for ez-b wifi.
I've done the converting to wifi and it works great.

When i have time i wil post some info.

Wall-e wifi is a fact!
ooooh!:) Looks like EZ-B is perfect after all! *cool*
mine was not perfect cause i wanted DJ Sures to deliver it personally but other than that it's pretty cool.