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Dynamixel Commands

Will ARC include all the commands that can be sent and data received from the AX-12 servo?



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What data would you want to send to the AX-12 servo?

As for receiving, we are considering adding the ability to receive data but not sure how useful it is outside of eye candy.
You can set the position and the speed at which the servo moves and turn off the torque and you can get it's position.

I guess what I'm asking will I be able to use the same servo controls in ARC or will I have to write some scripts to control the servo?

You can use the same servos in ARC. You can download ARC and install it. When you select the servo, the option for Dynamixel servos starts with AX. It ranges from AX00 to AX50. There is also a control for configuring the servos.

I would recommend downloading and installing ARC.

As for the speed (torque), dynamixel servos work just like regular pwm servos in ARC. Simply specify the speed and we take care of the rest - like magic.

There is no reason to send your own commands to the servo - just use our controls or Auto Position control. If you wish to send specific commands, let us know and i'll see about adding the command. Otherwise, the EZ-SDK opens the communication fully between the dynamixel and EZ-B v4
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Thanks DJ

Can't wait to try it out.
Excellent:) let me know if there's additional commands that you will need.