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Dream About D.J. Last Night

I had a dream about D.J. last night. He walked up this very tall mountain where he opened the door to his office. He went inside. When he came down the mountain he was dressed like Moses. He had a white beard and Long white hair. He was carrying two tablets with the EZB Scripts on them. He appeared to have gotten even more smarter.

..... then I woke up.


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Dude. Robot projects keep me up at night too sometimes. But damn. You have to lay off the fast foods before bed time. :P
Don't you worry about a thing ! These days there's a therapy for almost everything.
If that doens't help you, strong medication will certainly do !


Lol, that's a new one! Moses robot builder:)

I prescribe a large dose of EZ-Robot:)
Im hoping to get/order my dose of EZ-Kit vary vary soon like in the next week and kinda hoping DJ Moses will find a way to put a rush on it and get it to me last month :D lol
I also had another weird dream. I dreamed I died and went to Microsoft. I could not really tell if it was Heaven or Hell because I woke up.
Does anyone have a name of a good head doctor? I think we lost MovieMaker.;)