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Asked — Edited

Does Synthiam Mobile Support Built In Buttons, Joy Sticks Or Button Mapping?

edit- I realize the mobile app is deprecated now, so I imagine that answer is no. I was going to delete the question, but I do not know how.

Hello guys! I ran across a G Cloud from Logitech which is basically a android 11 tablet with buttons, triggers and joy sticks. Does Synthiam mobile allow you to use built in controller buttons or map them to functions? If so how? I was thinking of using the G cloud with an IOT Tiny or EZB v4 and the G Cloud could be both the tablet and the controller. Thank you!

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#2   — Edited
This does not help you now but I think I read a while ago that Synthiam is working on a new mobile interface. They said it was going to take a while to get it done.

I don't know if the Remote UI that DJ mentions above it what Synthiam CS was talking about at the time. ??