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Does Anyone Know If The Little Servo Tester That Is Going Around

Does anyone know if the little servo tester that is going around will work with 7.2 volts DC? it says 6VDC on the cover. I want to test some servos before installing them.

Thanks in Advance.



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There is a servo tester going around? Neat, I have wanted to get one, perhaps if I don't wear my toque I will catch it:P
User-inserted image
:) All humor aside... this looks like one I was considering ordering. I would think the issue would be more the servo limitations than the tester... at least within reasonable voltages. What I have read says that "in general" servos should not be feed more then 5v. That said, some may take more than others... I doubt this tester regulates the incoming voltage but you could test that with a meter before plugging in a servo.
Standards servos run 6v and high torque 7.4 volts. 7.4 vvolts could run your servos hot if they aren't made for it.
OK, Thanks, Guys. I do have two high torque ones I need to test. They are brand new and when i hooked them up to the EZB, the fuse blew. So, I want to check them with the little tester B4 I hook them up to the EZB. Make sense?

Josh, you have so many creative juices, I am standing over here in Nashville trying to catch some of the spill-over. You are the closest EZB guy near me.


User-inserted image

If you dont do this those servos will pop the fuse every time
It is pretty cool your just a couple hours away. So mel any pics or plans for your robots?.
Thanks, Josh for the drawing. I have a surgery to get over with and then I may be able to get some pix going. I was so hoping to finish it before the surgery, but I am waiting on parts to get in. So, after my surgery is done, a week or so. And, when the parts come in, I will try to take some pix.

Of course, I think I posted somewhere else that I have completely torn Marty apart. I have some major stuff to do on her. Hopefully, she will become Super Marty. I will use the same head and neck, but I am rebuilding the robot so she can be a Tele-presence robot. Also, I have GOT to do something about the Navigation (NEVER EVER worked right.) But, that is not EZB's fault, just my lack of knowledge about what I need to do it. I am a little bit concerned about the Heat since I will put her guts inside a trashcan. here are a few pix coming up. Nothing much to see.

Here are some if I can get them loaded.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

here is the one I am sort of copying off of.

User-inserted image

better picture of Marty.
User-inserted image

The neck and the head came from Robotz012248

And, the arms are going to be off of the Hazbot robot BOB.