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Resolved Resolved by jstarne1!

Does Anyone In The Usa Have A Buck 15A Regulator?

Does Anyone In The Usa Have A Buck 15a Regulator? I need to buy one and get if faster.
I just got my Buck 15A regulator in and it to EONS to get it in. Doesn't Anybody in the states sell this item? and Josh, do you have any spare 15A or Higher that you will sell me?

15A over Everything might be pushing the limits. I need to have around 30A or more. I have 12vdc going in and need 7.5v coming out.




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Wow Mel that a lot of juice. Can you show the math and description of the device using it. Mayne you could split the load between 2 15 amprregulators?
That is what I wanted to do. But, one regulator took a whole month to get here from China.

It is simply on my Sunshine robot. She will have two EZBs and two of the HD-7 arms. Then the neck will have two servos. I will have a total of 17 HeavyDuty 995s. Plus the two shoulder motors and then the two drive train motors.

Thank You for answering.
United Kingdom
What's wrong with using the regulators you got the other week? Just use one per servo or one per 2 servos.
Well, they all have to come from one source and I figured I would regulate it. I still plan to regulate the 7.2 and the 5volts going to the sensors on top of that.