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Dj'S Awesome Releases

Has anyone noticed he has done 12 releases in the last 60 days?! I tell ya the man never sleeps!


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The Really Awesome thing is that he has done All of this-Everything from Nothing to EZB ver3 in so short of a time frame. It almost seems Impossible. He's a SuperHuman!

Yeh! D.J.!!!!!


:) Thanks everyone! Wait till you see tonight's release


Been away in The Middle East and Africa visiting the troops there. I come back to an amazing amount of releases! DJ you're pushing the boundaries on how fast a human can change technology. I am heady with anticipation on tonight's release and even more so for a future release with kinex support! Keep up the great work!!!



I am on pins and needles.....

I think we all agree that DJ is a savage. Internet high five!

@Will - was wondering where you disappeared to. Hope it was a good trip.



@will did you fly through al udeid air base? I coulda said hi.


I was in Djbouti at Lemmonier, and Bahrain and then a nights stay onboard the USS Lincoln. Saw about 10000 service men and women. Life changing! I want to visit every base now.


LOL not EVERY base! Bahrain is the playground of the middle east rich and a fun place to be. Afghanistan bases....not so much. How was the accommodations on the ship? I hear those bunks are very close together vertically. Hopefully you had better than that.


Indeed Bahrain was not a tough place to be, but Djbouti was. Yeah I was kept in a non standard room, with double bunks, wasn't too bad. But landing and take off on deck in a COD was nerve racking, but exciting, 150 mph to 0 in 2 seconds!


That HAD to be fun!