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Dj With Cognitive Video Game Changing

I can't help but start a thread at this video. I think we can all safely say this technology is a game changer. Thanks DJ for creating the plug ins to tie us to these great services. Great job!

Now I gotta get ALAN hooked up!

Edit: IPhone changed the subject field should just be 'game changer'


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@fxrtst I agree... significant addition to ARC.... @DJ Thanks:)
Excellent! Just watched the youtube video.... very impressive

I just loaded the plugins. Please share the demo code
Read the description in the video.

All videos have a description. That's where people write text which describes the video.

I'm definitely taking a break from the forum for a while.
You deserve a break. You've been killing it for the past few months with all the amazing updates, plug ins and non stop support! Get a massage, a beer and chill. Because you know when China drops the new hardware, it's going to start all over again. Just know all your hard work doesn't go un noticed. I for one am very greatful for you and your awesome team!
I agree. Great work and thanks
Yeah I also wanted to comment on the new plugins already...supercool! And so easy to integrate into any existing ARC project!
DJ Sures you are the best!:D
DJ, Thanks for being there for us almost every day these past 5 years. Couldn't has gotten this far without your support. A break managing this forum is very understandable. Sometimes I wonder how you keep from loosing it. *eek*