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Nope, that's a reseller who's reselling our products :)


Good. I was hoping that was the case. There are a lot of shady practices with china retailers.


Thanks for clarifying DJ, i work with A Pro Hobbies, i will be starting to list EZ-Robot stuff on eBay to get more exposure for the brand, i think with our established eBay store and feedbacks, it will bring more exposure to EZ-Robot :)


blush LOL MY BAD! I assumed it was China. I now see its Texas. :)


No's a good thing people are looking out for fakes and copies, i hate to be scammed too :)


You'll be happy to know we found someone who's taken over the ez-bits development. We have a secret to present next week :D

We've obtained some investment funding and now it's time to kick ez-robot into top gear! You all ready? :)


Yea if I had more capital to buy like 20 kits at a time I would resell them here in the USA. I been trying to convince others but once my bots running around that should do the trick lol. I need a spare cam anyways so maybe grabbing one from this Texas guy would get here a tad bit quicker.


I wonder what the minimum buy in is.