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Directions For Putting Jd Together And Connecting All Servos

We have gone through many tutorials , adjusting servos etc. We have completed all the prerequisites for the next section but directions state to start with your assembled JD and charged battery. Where are the directions to put JD together, specifically which ports to plug the servos into? What am I missing? I am an engineer but feel dumb:(


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Have you opened the sample JD project that is included with ARC? The assembly instructions are there along servo port arrangement. Also included is sample project with movements (dance, walking etc...)

JD, Six and Roli example files are in the file menu in ARC....


philly when you open ARC there is a checkbox for assembly the jd. it tells where to put it in (port)

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Thank you Richard and nomad


Do not forget to follow the tutorials and calibrate your servos before using JD.... I am sure @nomad will tell you what happens if you don't do the calibration correctly... :P



hehe it will not work correctly,am still having questions.

philly did you connect the ezbv4 to pc?


does ARC find your ezbv4? and connect


im sorry nomad. I am not presently working on the JD. I am at work. will be working on tonight. I misunderstood the previous question. It was connected when we calibrated all the servos. I have not connected the fully assembled JD because we did not know what ports the servos plugged into.



all is fine.seeya


@Philly... You'll pick up on it quickly once you get the JD sample project loaded.... We'll still be here (the forum) if you have any more questions...


Philly, your profile states that you have completed the tutorials, even the tutorial that you're asking about :). The direct link to the tutorial in question is here:

Also, when you load ARC it asks to view the tutorials (unless you have disabled it). There is a also a shortcut link on the ARC desktop for the tutorials. When you load ARC, there is a popup which asks if you would like assembly instructions to put the robot together (unless you disabled it).

To help improve your experience, what recommendations do you have on this topic? How can we make it better :)


@DJ Sures,

Based on some of the questions we have been seeing from new users who got EZ-B's at Christmas who had not been participating in the forums first, I have a simple recommendation.

Inside each robot box, on top of the parts, put a piece of paper with a big "STOP" on it, and then instructions for finding and taking the tutorials for that robot.

I think people are surprised to be getting a box of parts with no instructions or indication to go to the EZ-Robot web site for the current version of the software and current manuals.

I imagine some of your warranty replacement requests are coming from things like servos being plugged in backwards or not calibrated and driven beyond their limits.



I know a lot of newbies are also getting confused on how to get their ezb connected to their pc and then to ARC.... I personally did not have too much trouble getting my ezb up and running the first time... The tutorials were a big help... But then again, I do have experience with robotics in general and other IDEs.... However, some people seem to be totally lost (especially if they have no previous robot experience) even with the tutorials...

I thought (and feel free to critique my suggestion as I don't know how difficult it would be to incorporate into ARC) it would be awesome to have some sort of auto configuration tool that the user runs to help get them connected to their pc and then ultimately to ARC... The program would ask questions about their ssid and password and whether or not they want the ezb in Client or WP mode... The software would auto configure their ezb and then automatically connect to ARC for them as well....

May not be practical, it's just a thought...



i know one person who's confused still,me

alan i total agree .stop and read


@nomad... You don't count... LOL You're the ez robot poster boy... You figured it out, that's all that matters.... :)



i bet i am the only one whit a real ez poster.

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Aislinn has created an insert for "Getting started" - which is waiting my approval for the next batch of packages. It doesn't have a STOP on it, but it does politely say "getting started guide" :)

I also have observed usage of the LEARN section and noticed the "prerequisites" may be confusing because it skips you around... instead, I am going to recreate the section to have a "page" per robot. That way relevant courses are only displayed per robot. This will include the developer kit...

I am putting the finishing touches on the iOS app this week, while we wait for Apple to figure out what they're doing with our developer account - it isn't a fun process at all! Which makes me pull my hair out, considering there are dozens of Trojan keyboard app sniffers and other complete garbage apps in their appstore... yet Apple is giving us the run-around - can't say i'm super impressed with that organization right now!

Considering we have the only robot product which lets ppl not only make their own apps without programming experience, but also lets ppl control real robots with their platform - you'd think they would be a little more excited to have us in the appstore.

As for the LEARN section, i'll see what more I can fit in this week.


@Philly if you are still having issues I just assembled my JD.

Let me tell you, on Step 8 of Connecting to JD....Holy wonder Step 8 says to lay him down. I did have mine laying down, but he was next to my coffee mug...he nearly got a caffeine bath....he's a strong little fella. ;)



great idea to revieuw the learn section.i was confuse cause i didn read somewhere, you can now disconnect the wire and plug a another servo.

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thank you


Thank you dj, and all! JD assembled, servos fine tuned and JD working awesomely. The original problem was due to lack of original downloads. Once downloads obtained everything went smoothly. My son is learning a ton. By the way JD - heard you on XM Wharton Radio. Did a great job. That's how we found out about EZ Robot. Will continue to become robot pseudo experts!