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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Did You Hear About Windows 11 64-Bit For ARM?

Did you hear that the Windows 11 preview edition came out today? Turns out Microsoft is releasing a 64-bit ARM version of Windows 11!

This is great news for us as roboticists because we'll be able to load Windows on virtually any 64-bit ARM-based SBC that's capable enough to run it. Here's a video of Windows 11 on the Raspberry Pi. While not being fast enough (yet) to run Minecraft, it is likely still fast enough to run robots with ARC installed.

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That would be fantastic if we could run ARC on ARM platforms.  Jetson Nano would be my platform of choice with some GPU support for AI, ML, Vision etc.
Thanks for the info DJ!
Hey guys, did you actually try and run ARC on the Pi?
Yah runs decent. Probably about the same as rock pi I should do a benchmark