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I think I have this sensor, let me check.

I think if you connect the S pin to an AD port along with v+ and ground you can set it read data from it in ARC. Not sure until I test it.
United Kingdom
The sensor doesn't return analogue readings so wont work on an ADC port.

The sensor is not compatible with the EZ-B V3 however it should work with the V4. It's on my to-do list since I use one on an arduino at the moment and want to move it to an EZ-B.

Basically, the data that comes from the sensor is just that, data. It's a serial device. It returns temperature and humidity as data not as a voltage or resistance reading.
I think you're going to need to use the UART port.... Thus far, I have not been able to read data that is more than one byte from the UART... Eventually I will figure it out.... I have a DHT11 also.... I got it to work with an Arduino, but haven't yet with the EZB
An alternative temperature sensor that returns varying voltage levels is Temperature Sensor - TMP36. That would work with an ADC port.
@Justin...., it has to send data as it is basically 2 sensors in one.... Temperature and humidity... Analog would only be able output one of those...
Thanks for the information.