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Developer Kit Regulator

I really like the regulator size that comes in the developers kit for the ping sensor.

I have a few questions:

  1. Any idea when these will be available separately on the store.

  2. What is the specs on the regulator especially the input voltage range.



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You can buy these on ebay. I did this before I discovered ubec's and built a distribution board. This keeps you from having to cut wires. I know you can pass 7.4 and bring it down to 5v with the ones I bought. I want to say that the will bring up to 20ish v down to 5v.

Been a while since I spec ' ed them out. I personally think the ubec and distribution panel is a better option but that is just me.


Input voltage is probably much higher than the EZB4 max voltage so I wouldn't worry about maxing it out (probably around 30V)....


I think i will go the distribution panel route.

Will make my life way easier.