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Decals/Stickers For Marketing?

@DJ, have you thought about making either decals or stickers (small, medium, large) to pack with the kit? Maybe it could say, "Powered by EZ-B" and/or"? I think that most people wouldnt mind putting at least a small tag on thier bot for you. Then every video and picture could possibly get you even more exposure.:D I know I would do it for ya.


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A powered by EZ-Robot with logo. I'd do it too. I have been talking about my new bot at work and they want to take it to SEMA in Vegas end Oct-Nov. It's more of a car industry show but they thought it'd be a great conversation piece.


You should make a "EZ:) inside" logo like Pentium did back in the old days. Ha ha don't I will. I'm marking my bot with EZ:) and ASUS


I think "Powered by EZ-B" with "WWW.EZ-ROBOT.COM" after it makes people wonder "what's EZ-B?". Then maybe they will check the website. A small size that will fit on a Wall-e, a medium size for Omnibots and a Large for the big boys.:)


@DJ Are you still willing to make these?:)


Here's the one that I was planning on putting on mine.


@DJ That's great! @Sam The pic somehow isn't attached to your post.


Opps I thought it was there.

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Oh I like that one Sam!:)


I just took your banner and edited the source file. Made it much easier to keep with the branding. :o)


I was thinking of using the banner on the bottom riser on mine. Maybe even making the riser a thin white plastic skirt that I could attach stenciled lettering on the inside. Then backlight with EL sheet and turn on at will or flash.:D I've not tried this before. Do you think it could work? I figure this way I could easily replace with different EZ-B adverts from time to time.:D Btw I did my riser like yours by using metal standoffs so the plastic sheeting isnt used for support.


Awesome... The plastic supports the weight just fine but it is best to be sure and have that extra support. I have never really worked with that either so not sure how that would work. Logic is sound depending on thickness of sheet.

I have debated about whether to use a long one that goes across the whole bottom or in the corners. Still under debate. I also want him to be able to say what he has powering him....


I think a set of diffrent ones and diffrent sizes would be great and also be able to buy them on there own as i know i would love to put the smily on my ipod lol plus i would love a nice big coffee cup with the logo on one side and the EZ-B on the other


It would allso be cool if we could download the EZ-B sound file that you use on the videos or a set of them:P


I think if I stick to black stencil of the logos and lettering with thin sheeting it may work.

I really like the idea of promoting EZ-Robot. Without DJ I wouldnt have tried to tinker with making a robot. He deserves as much support we can give for his work and product.


To actually provide swag, there is a huge initial start up costs.

To get around that, EZ-Robot could start a cafepress store. Where they could upload their art work and then decide what items it's ok to print on. Cafepress actually handles all the merch and printing for you. Then EZ has an option to get a small % of what is sold. Plus we could get some merch. I'd like a hoodie.

DJ.. if you are into something like this shoot me an email.

For max as a company then it would be best to have them printed yourself. But you'll sit on them for awhile and most places give them out more than they sell them.

Troy I agree.. I'd love to support EZ-Robot....


Yea I get stuff at cafe press all the time. I would love a few stickers for my lab and my tool truck at work.

DJ if (in your busy schedule) get something put together let us know so I can buy some.



I would definitely put some on my bots. I'm proud of EZ-B


I want one with just the "EZ-Robot" on it.