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Dalek Looking For Help

Love to turn my dalek into a bad ass robot but I'd like some ideas from the pro's,,,,,

First problem is the camera it has to be mounted on the stork or it's not worth doing and finding something that small is hard. If you have the 2.4g wireless cam could it be possible to take the camera off the board and run wires through a stork to it ?

I can find some small usb cams but then how would i fit in a itx ? i could go a small linux ip cam but I not good on linux and wouldn't know where to start.

Next thing I would need to power the thing and add better motors h bridge so room is going to be tight

Love to here suggestions

A modded version of this cam would be sweet if I had onboard pc

*edit added photos - tried to add these last night but the upload failed and I got distracted.
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Exterminate! What is the size of your Dalek? You could possibly use a pinhole camera with wiring runing back to a transmitter in the body. Or look to see if you can find a wireless pinhole camera that is small enough. You might also be able to remove the pinhole camera from its board as you suggested above.

And WELCOME to the community!!!@@!
Yea we need pics and measurments , and pics of insides. I.found a mini itx that's only 6 in x 6 in.that will fit in.many robots. If you do a mini.itx then all u need.is a usb.webcam and take it out of its case and remove bezel. You would be suprised how.small.they are inside

I don't know if i'd bother putting the camera on the scope. You might have a lot more functionality if you mounted the camera in the body and used it as one of the decorative balls.

The reason is "servo relative position tracking" .. That makes the head tracking actually much more convincing. I'm going to start using that tracking method more often now. And not put the camera in the head at all. I think having the head "appear to be following objects" and keeping a stationary camera is more reliable. Watch the Robot Head video: http://www.ez-robot.com/Robots/Robot-Head

If you do find a camera to use in the head, it will also be cool.:) Either way, it's awesome to see another dalek build!