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Cut And Paste Not Working In Ez Script

I am trying to cut and paste from one script to another. However, neither the edit function in the script editor or the control C and Control V are working. Is this a setting in my PC or is there something up? I have the latest version of easy builder as of 12/5/2014.


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I have no problem cutting and pasting from one script to another. ( just tried it ). Maybe try closing the program and restarting it.


What version of ARC are you running is it 11.30.2014? Because I can ctrl+c and ctrl+v but not right click to copy and paste

Have you tried completely reinstalling it?


Right clicks don't work you need to use the keys


You will need to press and hold the CTRL button while you press C or V

For example, press the CTRL key and keep it held until you press the C key. Once you press the C key, you may release both keys. I have unmarked this as an assistance required because it does not apply. Please read the checklist when selecting a post for assistance.


It's weird. I can cut-and-paste from other apps really easily. However when I try to cut and paste into script it will not do it and I just don't understand. I wonder if there is a corrupt file somewhere. I've cut and paste from notepad to WordPad from a website to note pad etc. etc.

I'm at a loss. I may try to completely uninstall easy builder software and reinstall from scratch. If it were a problem with windows then you would think it would happen with the other Apps as well.

Is it possible that there some setting that does not completely trust the ARC app? I have webroot secure anywhere installed.


Glad to see that it has been resolved in the other thread:)