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Custom Voice Modulator

Does any one knows what A.I. operating system that uses. I am wanting to have an a.I that I can customize the voice modulator to any voice you choose. any ideas any one?


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Ok, what AI operating systems is Anthony using? I thought he was just using ARC and some voices he made or downloaded?

Dude, I don't think Anthony is using anything special.... Not as far as and AI operating system anyway... I think you are referring to his voices he uses for his robots? You should contact him.... I am sure he'll help you out....

It's d.cochran that is developing the EZ-AI.... I am not sure that is what you mean, though...


There's a bit of info about downloading voices on the Speech Recognition manual Page here:

I have heard good and bad results about changing voices in windows. I believe the challenge has been between 32 and 64 bit voices. No one has been clear on what the difference is... Meaning, do you need 32 bit for a 32 bit operating system or do you need 32 bit for a 32 bit host program?


That I'm not really sure of. but I didn't know that ez ai had a voice change opion. I just wanted to get away from the siri voice, but still have a robot mono tone just more male voice modulated thats not to deep sounding nor to high in sound pitch, kinda like for example johhny five's voice or some thing with in that pitch range.


DJ, Ths issue with 3rd party voices turned out not to be a 32 vs 64 bit issue, just that Microsoft has totally hosed up SAPI in Windows 8.1.

Steve wrote a good tutorial for how to delete the default voice and set a 3rd party voice as default. Changing the voice does not work well inside ARC in 8.1, but it doesn't work well in Windows outside of ARC either. Steve's tutorial helps for any program.



@Omegaproject, you mention the SIRI voice. Are you using ARC mobile in iOS or are you talking about Microsoft Sara in Windows 7? I don't know if you can get other voices for iOS. There are many available for Android. Anthony (XL-Robots) uses Android for the mobile interface so has the choice of any of the voices available on Google Play.



Ah okay thanks Alan - I updated the speech recognition manual to point to steve's tutorial


I found a "not too expensive" program that you can build and play with different voices, then save them to files and use EZB to play them on demand.

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Thanks for the recognition Alan, and for adding my tutorial to the manual DJ.:) Hopefully it will come in useful for somebody (at least until Microsoft gets their act together with their SAPI issues).