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Custom Movement Panel Question

Unless I'm missing it in the Cheat Sheet menu, doesn't a custom Movement Panel have control commands? I'm trying to map my custom movement controls to a mobile interface so I can use a radar control thinking I could just use a CC, but can't see one. The only option I see for a CMP is "show control".


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A custom Movement Panel responds to forward, back, left, right and stop script commands so no cc needed (unless I am totally missing what you are trying to do).


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Hi Alan.

I'm trying to set up some mobile interface buttons so I can also use the ultrasonic radar control when the robot is moving forwards. I thought an easy way would be to map the mobile buttons with CC's from the custom movement panel, as this already links up to the radar control.


I haven't used the ultrasonic radar on mobile, but on desktop one of the parameters is to only run it when moving forward and to avoid collision (it gives a stop command).

You could probably also create a script to detect when moving and run the ping sensor then.


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Thanks Alan.

I'm already using the "only run when moving forward" setting on desktop, so I guess I'm going to have to script it then. I thought a custom Movement Panel would have had a ControlCommand() though, as it can do more than move in different directions if you script each directional betting to do so.

Anyway thanks again for the advice.:)

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Custom Movement Panel has no control commands as it's a movement panel. It uses Forward, Reverse, Left, Right and Stop.

The variable $direction may be of use to you however it's unclear what exactly you are attempting but with the direction commands from the Movement Panel you should just be able to write your script as normal but rather than need a ControlCommand("movement panel", "forward") it would simply be Forward()

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Hi Rich.

At the moment I have a custom Movement Panel that interacts with a radar control for object avoidance, and I have it set to "scan when moving forwards". I would like to recreate exactly the same thing with a forward button on the mobile control. I can't explain it any better than that.

I know that a Movement Panel controls does forward, reverse ect, but as you can add script commands to a "custom" movement panel, I thought a ControlCommand() would have been a good option to have, especially to do what I'm trying to do.

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Just a bit of an update.

So what I wanted to do was available all along. Where I was going wrong was I was using an "Add image button" for my directional controls as I wanted to use UARTWrite commands for movement (controlling a Roomba), and to add custom buttons I made.

What I didn't realise was the "Forward", "Reverse" ect buttons on the mobile interface are already mapped to a movement/custom movement control panel that exists in a project by default. So I deleted the image buttons and replaced them with directional controls, added the same custom images I made, and now it works great with the radar scan.

I honestly didn't know that the mobile directional buttons and control panels were connected, but thinking about it, it does make sense. A complete oversight on my part. Anyway, thanks again guys.:)