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ControlCommand("Custom Graph", SetValue, [value])

Where [value] would be the variable you want to be plotted on the graph.

ControlCommand details are under Cheat Sheet in all EZ-Script dialogues.


As Rich said, there is a tab labelled Cheat Sheet when editing a script. Press the Cheat Sheet tab to view all ControlCommand()

There is a Lesson on EZ-Scripts that may include shortcuts you were unaware of here: EZ-Scritp Lesson


Okay, I see now. I guess I was looking for something more. I was expecting the usual graph attributes such as series, colors, x and y values, etc. It seems I was just over thinking it. Thanks guys.


Soon soon soon:) It is on the list to have mulitiple axis and colors, etc... As usual Levels of power, you're always ahead of me:D


I wouldn't say that! I am constantly amazed at the things you can accomplish.:)


LOL flattery will get you everywhere! I have a few "Quick" items that I will work on during my flight home from china to Canada. Maybe this will be one of them - no promises yet:)