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Custom 3D Bits And Contest?

Since several of us are on a roll with developing new 3D designs for EZ-Robot parts I wanted to start a thread to see what other parts users are interested in.

And I wanted to see if anyone was interested in a design off contest?

Here are a few things I'm planning to work on:

-Some new male and female EZ-Bit connectors to make small interconnects (Nomad was interested in this)
-Thinner/smaller ultrasonic sensor housing connector bits
-Johnny Five themed 3 finger claw (similar to what Richard R did already)
-An EZ-Bit for the old wireless cameras
-A Batman mask for JD and Batman chest clip on bit
-A DeadPool mask for JD
-A 9g servo lever
-A 9g servo rotation


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That's not a bad idea - it's something we can consider for july/august. Our new facility is still under construction. We're 4-5 weeks away still so it's a little hectic at the moment to start something new.
Sure... cause' Justin knows he'll kick my a**.... LOL:) Dude, I would love to have a beer with you, sit in front of a computer and see what we could come up with... This sounds like a great idea, though...
Also... once @DJ (EZ Robot) gets all this new stuff finally out the door I am sure there will be a need for new 3d printed ezbits to fit some (or all) of the new accessories... Hint, hint... knowing what is coming out and their specs could give us a head start on designing 3d ezbit parts for them... :)
Dude, again you beat me to it, LOL. I was actually thinking of that myself today, that it would fun to help design new parts or accessories for the new products. It would be cool to have a head start, like Richard said.

And Richard, it would be awesome to have a beer or two with you and see what we could dream up!