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Creating Custom Voice

I am trying to create a custom voice for "Tin Man" my robot. Since there seems to be no way to really efficiently add third party voice to my windows pc I think i came up with a way to do this.

If I create a audio mp3 with the voice I create on third party software then write that mp3 into code when I want my computer to say something. Would that work.

Also would it be slow to respond. If this will work I can create any sound or type of voice for my robot. I don't know if a plugin could be written to do all this on the fly. If it could I might attempt it.

If you know a better way I am interested. I looked at all the tutorials on adding new voices to EZB but it seems like it is almost impossible with Windows 10. I really have only three voices David, Zira and Mark. I want a old robot vintage voice. It will go with my Robot perfectly.


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It's actually extremely easy to add 3rd party voices to your windows pc... I have bought a few voices from Cepstral and Ceraproc.... I am sure there are many other places to get other voices as well


Ellis, You can download Cepsral Voices and try them prior to paying for them, they actually encourage customers to test them first. I have Windows 10 and they work fine. Steve S


I am familiar with both Cepstral and Cereproc. I just wasn't comfortable with them without references. If thy will work it would be a great because I already know I want to download William Old Robot. It will go perfect with Tin Man.

By the way would the mp3 idea work.

Thanks for the comments. They really help.


@Dave Schulpius is the man to talk to! He's implemented using a custom voice (MP3s) with his B9 robot; I believe the voice responses are tied into certain EZB actions.

It might be a good starting point for you.


Nothing magical or hard to do. I simply used the sound control of ARC pointing to sound files stored on my laptop and call the wanted mp3 or wav file from an ez script. Be prepared, lots of sound files will make your project very large. Mp3's are best for saving space.


Thanks, I have plenty of things to try now.


Sorry for not doing this earlier.