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Controlling Chainsaw Motor

those old chainsaws lying around could be used for something else. How about a robot?

1.Chainsaws are controlled by triggers. how could you replace that trigger with an ez-b friendly part, and what part would you use?

2.Has this ever been talked about or done before?


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United Arab Emr
Not sure what you mean and need.
as far as i know, Chainsaw at the end is like any motor can be use with EZB depending on it is spx via h-bridge or any interface to control its high current needs and voltage.
@Techpro- Jet engines, Chain saws? I have to ask, my young friend, are you starting a secret robot fight club? If so, can I have a link to watch?
lol @Antron007. No i'm not.(Sadly.) these are just some interesting ideas popping up in my head.
But you did give me a good idea for robot building/fighting club.

my idea:
User-inserted image

@Hhammoud I mean, what sort of thing would you use to control the trigger? old style chainsaws are press the trigger in farther to get more power. how could you give the ez-b control over this?
United Arab Emr
I do not have one to check it but from what I see it .
You can use the frame and use Pwm port and h-bridge controls to the dc motor ( if dc motor not else !)
Therefore, no need to worry about the trigger mechanism as you may take it out.
@Techpro- I like it. It reminds me of the monster/horror type of Hot Wheels they used to make. But on steroids. What ever happened to that older TV show? Battle bots was it. Your chainsaw reminds me of that show. I liked it better than the RCL that just ended. RCL seems staged. I can't prove it but I'm suspicious.

Just promise me you won't put a jet engine on a chain saw. I don't want my first trip to Canada to be a funeral.
im sure you can replace the trigger with a servo with no problem at all
i have been thinking about useing a small motor like one in a chainsaw to power an ellectric genarator and have that power all my electronics on a bot
@Wolfie- Did you get your OS situation solved?
its kinda working now