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Controlling 4 Continuous Rotation Servos

I was wondering if its possible to use 4 continuous rotation servos but use it with a joystick and how far you push the joystick will determine speed, and/or have a speed control to go as fast as you want to go, I have the bot running with 4 continuous rotation servos but its goes full speed and I made buttons to go which direction.


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You can double up the servos (as in tank type steering with 2 servos a side) and use the 360 servo movement panel... To my knowledge however, there is no "throttle" control on 360 servos using a joystick...


Actually the 360 Movement Panel does automatically throttle when using a joystick. Since each servo is a little different you will probably need to do some calibration to make them go the same speed on each side.




I stand corrected

Happens to me more than I like.



Where could I find the code for the joystick and when the joystick is only using 2 continuous rotation servos, then I could try to add 4 after that.


Everything you need is in the Joystick control settings... No need for any coding


You can read about a Movement Panel by clicking on it in this sentence. It's in blue...

Here's a project i created for you: 4servomovement.EZB

The project controls 4 servos (2 on each side). The servo Movement Panel controls one set, and the movement script controls the other set based on the first set.

The joystick is configured for speed control.

Left Front Servo: d0 Left Rear Servo: d2

Right Front Servo: d1 Right Rear Servo: d3


Oh Lord, I never even noticed the "movement script" control....:) This is a great and handy control!