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Contest :) Help Identifying A Replacement Capacitor

I have a DC to DC converter but a cap is torn off and is too damaged to solder. There are no legs to solder to. Anyways find me a economical replacement , and you get 2 higher torque 385 mabuchi 6 to 12v motors , excellent replacements for the rad robot with longer body but same diameter shaft. Shipping outside the USA you pay for. Okie dokie! Post where I can buy it in the USA from a store. Ebay does not count. Post the specs as you read them too:)
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We shall see ::jeopardy music::;)

I purchased 8 Of these and I won't use them all so I figure I could share the extra robot parts goodness:)
I've used those motors on a powerwheels quad, with the powerwheels gearbox it pulled my 35lb daughter up steep hills with little trouble.
United Kingdom
Judging by the size its a 2.2 microfarad electrolytic cap with a 35v rating
Don't forget I need to get a replacement... So where do I get that. First to link with a suitable replacement?
United Kingdom
Hi Josh Its a surface mount correct?
$2.50 Amazon
Yes it is. I need to be able to solder the replacement to the surface of this PCB. You can see clearly on the right where it goes.
United Kingdom
I would also get a 22uf then a size comparison would help confirm. The pics they show are all the 10uf version looks like so ignore that. See my previous post
I wonder why they don't show the same identifier numbers on the top of the cap?
United Kingdom
That's a manufacturer type identifier if its aluminum foil package or temp rating, tolerance. I believe the S is surface mount and V might be anti vibration. It all depends on the manufacturer its more Panasonic than anything else and probably got lead used in construction so old? The make of the converter might give a clue but generally they have very wide tolerances and size is the determining factor for capacity using the same construction. Its definitely 2.2uf or 22uf and 35v which for your application is all you really need to know. I will ask a real expert tomorrow and see what he says if you like. Off to bed now
OK I'm seeing 22uf is not right based the decoder troy Posted which may explain why the code on that cap you posted doesn't match. Try again? Remember Mel you gotta post Where I can buy it:p
You might be able to find it at Digi Key. I have used them for work and home. The website is a bit of a pain but fast delivery and fair price.
Digi Key
yes Sir! Ding dingndingnding. Do you want the motors?
Nah Thats ok. Some one else might need them. Plus its just nice to finally help out instead of asking questions.;)
This may be what you are looking for..

Just an aside Mouser doesnt seem to carry it
United Kingdom
Just to re-iterate its not 330uf they don't actually make one that size in the SVPD range its 22uf 35volt

User-inserted image

Its an OS-Con cap originally Sanyo (Solid Electrolyte)
click here

@splisskin glad you agree

As for buying Google Shopping
OK so I have a replacement , since the capacitors have a 40 percent tolerance window its less important to be exact. I picked up a 35v 220uf which was that same capacity as many others on the board and soldered it in place.
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User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

It looks like this was a cap in parallel with the 5 volt regulators based on following the copper trace. The electronics guys said its better to have a larger cap than a smaller as in this case it appears to be a stabilizing cap. I would have used the exact same cap but because of the tolerance its not necessary from what I'm told.