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Connection Question With More Then 1 Ezb4 Controller


i have 3 EZB4 Controller.

I try to connect all Controller as Clients in my network.

If i connect 1x EZB4 "" everything works.

If i connect 2x EZB4 " + 22" i get only the web interface from the first one "21". I also find only one the "21" in the EZB Software - not more!

The same with 3x EZB4

To my Router:

I check this situation with two diffrent routers Fritzbox 7330 and Fritzbox 6840.

I see ALL 3 x EZB4 Controllers correct conneted in the WLAN! But only the "21" Controller Web Interface works!

I set the channel settings from the first EZB to 1, from the second to 2 and from the third to 3.

I dont know.

I only can connect 1x EZB as a client to my network! Not more!

So what is the problem?

Thanx a lot!



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Hi DJ;

i know all what is writen in this tutorials!



If i connect single to each controller, they work fine, but together!


When you type in the IP address of your browser for, you get the webpage for


Check and see if your firewall is on. I could not connect to more than one EZB, in client mode, until I turned it off.


There is a bug where the DHCP server still runs when the EZ-B is in client mode and it responds faster than some routers (I see the issue with TP-Link routers but not with my new Verizon router that responds faster to DHCP requests.

The first one on the network will hand out the lowest available octet addresses, so once the second one starts, it will be if that isn't already assigned on your network.

The search function in ARC should find them whatever addresses they wind up with.

This thread provides more detail and more information on workarounds:



Hello Bhouston,

no the firewall make no problem,

but after your tip, i hack the ezb4 controller manual with the MAC Adress to the Router/Wlan Config and now all are working!

Thanx you tipp help me!



Boris, I don't understand what you did to make this work. Are you saying you assigned each ezb a static mac number in your router's DHCP section?

It's gerat that they are working now. :)


Hi Dave,

yes, i connect each ezb4 with this MAC Adress to my Router.

I heard this from other FritzBox User this can help sometimes.

One EZB the FritzBox like, but 2 definitiv not. Only with this MAC Adress Connection.

But it ok! I had now 5 times Notebook and Router off and after Restart again, every EZB connected correct to my Network.

So the "Bad Boy" in this Story is the FritzBox!


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Sorry, I don't get this. I thought the EZ-B's had their own hard coded MAC addresses that can't be changed, so how can someone be using multiple boards with just the one, same MAC address? I don't know much about this subject, and I don't understand how this issue was resolved.


@Steve... I think you are confusing the ezb's unique ID# given to it when it's initially programmed at the factory and the ip address given to it when it connects to your network... For instance (as mentioned) I gave one of my ezbs a static ip address of (this is what Boris did as well).... This means it is reserved for this particular device only (my ezb)... even when this ezb is offline will not be used by or handed out to any other device entering my network.... It's a reserved ip address...



no the EZB4`s has still there own MAC Adress, but the FritzBox makes problem if i connect all EZB4 automaticly. I must connect each EZB4 with a fixed IP Adress to the FritzBox and this i do with the individual MAC Adress from each EZB4.

In the End I have saved 3 EZB4 with fixed diffrent IP Adresses and diffrent MAC Adresses!

I think this is a typical FritzBox Problem, i never tryed with netgear or diffrent router.


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No, I'm not confusing the MAC address with the IP address. The MAC address is already hard coded to the v4's, and the IP addresses are either automatically assigned or manually changed via a router. That I know.


i hack the ezb4 controller manual with the MAC Adress to the Router/Wlan Config and now all are working!


yes, i connect each ezb4 with "THIS" MAC Adress to my Router. ...

One EZB the FritzBox like, but 2 definitiv not. Only with this MAC Adress Connection.

To me, this looked like Boris said that he was using one MAC address for multiple boards a he only referenced to "this MAC address", not their addresses which I didn't understand.

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Thanks for clearing that up Boris. It's a lot clearer now. Just a shame this fix didn't work for me as I've tried for hours now with still no luck. Thanks again, and I'm pleased to hear you got your connection issues sorted.



so you have problems to connect 2x EZB with a router?

Which Router you use?


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Yeah you could say that. It's a Virgin Media Superhub 2. I started a new thread that you can read abouthere where Alan and Richard have tried to help me out. It's giving me an absolute headache trying to get this sodding thing sorted out.