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VB Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

VB Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

Visual Basic Tutorial 1 - Getting Started While assumptions are not generally a good thing, I am going to start this tutorial project by assuming that the...
VB Code

VB Code

does anyone have any VB codefor the EZ they would like to share? jms

Vb Help Please

I have returned to Z after an absence and need some help. Is there a step by step tutorial around for how to get VB Express 2012 to run properly? My previous experience and code no longer work now that I have upgraded to 2012. I have added the ez dll as a reference and have used import as well in the header of theproject desperate in winnipeg

Operating System Question

Can EZB run under Linux? I am thinking about a mini single board on my robot to make it automonius (excuse the spelling) and have speak ect on board rather than coming from my desktop. The Strawberry PI runs a version of Linux and is quite inexpensive. Thoughts? jms

VB Tutorial #2 - Servos

Visual Basic Tutorial 2 Working With Servo Motors 2.1. One of the most basic things a robot does is move; either itself or an arm, leg, or object. This is normally accomplished using servo motors. Getting a servo motor to move is actually quite straight forward. 2.1.1. We will put a control on the form that will handle a servo motor that is...

Converting C# To VB

is the VB implementation as complete as the C# implementation? For instance, the following is a line in C#: _ezb.ADC.GetADCValue(ADC.ADCEnum.ADC_0);. I can not find a VB equivalent, all I find for VB is: EZ_B.ADC.ADCPortEnum EZ_B.ADC.Equals and EZ_B.ADC.ReferenceEquals How do I get the ADC value? jms
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