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Resolved Resolved by Athena AI!

Connecting Using Broadcast Name

I know that DJ Sures has recently created skill EZB Connect by name.  But it seems to use the default internal name, and not the user specified broadcast name.  Could we get a option or similar skill that connects using the unique broadcast name?

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Change the name to be what you need. The wifi name is not the same thing and can’t work the way you’re asking. They’re not connected that way.
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Not sure what you mean by "Change the name to be what you need". Do you mean in the ControlCommand script, like I have here: ControlCommand("EZB Connect By Name", "Connect", 0, "B9-Main-Device") ? "B9-Main-Device" is what I changed to in the EZ-B Web server. When I execute the ControlCommand, I get a error message: Error on line 1: ControlCommand Error for 'EZB Connect By Name' sending 'Connect'. Unknown EZB named 'B9-Main-Device'. The broadcast may not have been received yet. Consider adding a longer delay in your Init script to allow the EZBs to broadcast before attempting to connect Done (00:00:00.0088849).    

If I have to use the name that shows up in the EZB Connect By Name skill, then it is useless when using multiple EZ-Bs as all EZ-B v4s will have the same name (EZ-B v4.x/2) and all IoTinys will have the same name (EZ-B v4 IoTiny).
Maybe I'm missing on how/where to change the name of the device. On the manual page for the Connect By Name robot skill (https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/General/EZB-Connect-By-Name?id=21761 ) it shows Found: DEV. How/where did "DEV" get set for the device?
Ok, I think I found out what is the issue. I need to change the System Name on the General Settings menu.