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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Connecting EZ-B Or Iotiny To Arduino

Are there any Tutorials on how to connect EZ-B or IoTiny to Arduino uno or Mega ?

I'm not finding any results that make sense to me on Google or on Synthiam forum.

Thanks Steve

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The processing for all that is done on the pc (aka latte panda). So ya, it’s all the same:)

the EZ-B v4 or Arduino EZ-B do the same thing. All you miss is the camera and audio connector that the Arduino doesn’t have. Which is ok because you have an onboard pc and use usb camera and it’s sound card
Of course lol

So ARC will find the usb camera connected to the LattePanda for face and glyth recog?
@stevethurston.... Yes a usb camera that is recognized by Windows will do the same thing as the ez robot camera....
@DJ Sures

Loved ya vids on LattePanda, ya just like a lil kid when ya play with ya toys xD, then again, isnt that partly why we all have our hobbies.

Its a done deal, got one on the way, should have it to play with by next weekend:D

I think they will be my go to for the brain from here on, guess my Ez and arduino brains are getting added to the, "will use one day toy box" 

Thanks Dunning-Kruger and DJ for your help and sugestions :-)))
I'm liking the LattePanda, thanks for the recommendation