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Confused Between EZ-B And ESP32

Im trying to search but I cant find anythng
I understand the EZ-B is easy to use from all the videos of it

I have also seen it can be used with an esp32 ( I want to use an esp8266 with wifi)

As an example why cant i use a esp32 with a pwm channel that give me the 16 servos connectd to the esp8266
also the esp does have connections for cameras and other things.

Any advise please ( ps. Im far from an expert prob more on the slow side haha ) I just love the synthium builder and would love to be able to build my robot with esp8266 wifi ?

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Thankyou. after watching more videos from synthium I decided to buy the ez-b and camera. Just thought if I have all the benifits of everything they are offering online its properbly beter to support them. Plus it seems like I would save 1000's of hours trying to research and fix problems.
Im excited about this now.
I noticed there was a board there that says its speeds up connection  EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade any thoughts?
or is this for older ex-b ?


is this for older ex-b ?
yes is used to upgrade an existing EZB v4 (v1).
so im all good with the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller? nothing to worry about ?
You don't need the upgrade board if you are getting  EZ-B v4/2. That board upgrades the EZ-B v4/1 to EZ-B v4/2.

Welcome aboard.
WOW  reply from DJ Sures himself... loving everything so far.. I have been search for a few months for exactly this. I was deturmed to uses smaller board and attempt everything myself ( 99.99% of fail ) . Everything you have looks to give me so much more times for the fun stuff.
Thankyou heaps for wehat you done.

If i can ask. with the servos i see that you solder a wire inside the servo to get a readout from the servo. could this additional wire be joined outside the servo to the conecting wire ? ( also from your video could exactly see which wire you joined too )
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Some servos have the ability to read their position built in (such as dynamixel and lewansoul). If you're going to use a hobby style pwm servo, the position is read via ADC (analog input on the ezb). The signal originates from the servo's position potentiometer. The center wire of the potentiometer reads the voltage of the position. Here's the lengthy live hack: https://synthiam.com/Community/HackEvents/PWM-Servo-Position-Feedback-18048

I explain the potentiometer at 27:00
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On a more advanced level that is fascinating to me DJ has given us the ability to flash other platforms, like some Arduinos (Arduino Due/Mega, Arduino Genuino Uno, Arduino Leonardo) and use them in ARC like an EZB. I've never done this yet but it intrigues and impresses me. Here's just one link to some of the information needed:
Compatible Hardware - Arduino