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Confused Using Auto Position In ARC

I add "Auto Position" control to ARC project. I set up six servos in the control. I create three frames and one action. I am confused by "Fine Tune" dialog box. How do I use the "Fine Tune" dialog box"? Even after centering the servos before attaching them to the robot, the joints are slightly bent instead of straight.


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There is a tutorial video:)

Fine tune is for someone adapting a project from someone else. Since you are in control of your own positions, it doesn't apply to you.
How can I reset "Fine Tune" to factory defaults? I played with "Fine Tune" and the robot went crazy when I turn it on and use "Auto Position".
Fine tune until its back in the normal position:)
How can I fine tune it until it's back in the normal position?
It sounds like you have modified the Frames so much that there is no point in fixing. Simply start over and create new frames:)

You can press the ? icon to watch a video on how the auto positioner works:)
I think that the video doesn't show me how to use "Fine Tune" dialog box. If I set all servos to 50 using "Add Servo" dialog boxes, should I set all servos to 50 using "Fine Tune" dialog box? I modified one frame that sets all servos to 50. Why do I set servos from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 180?
Hello, fine tuning is used for adopting other projects. Please watch the tutorial to see how to use the Auto Position control:)

Servos all have their own range. You can read about how servos work in our tutorial section:)
I created a new project. One frame called "stand" sets all servos at 50. Another frame called "walk01" set the hip and knee servos at 60. Another frame called "walk02" set the hip and knee servos at 40. I don't use "Fine Tune" dialog box. When I turn on my robot and run the "stand" frame, all servos go to 0 and then go to 50. There may be a bug in either "Auto Positioner" or "Fine Tune".
Press the "jump to" instead of "move to" to initialize a position:)
Oh also, one of the things i like to do is have an INIT script that has a bunch of commands to initialize the robot. It does things like turn on LED's or setup the camera, etc.. I also put the AutoPositionFrameJumoTo() command which initializes the position:)