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Configuring 5 Servo Robotic Arm In ARC

Hi I recently bought a EZ-bot developers kit and have been trying to configure a 5 servo robotic arm that is attached to a tank tread base very much like Roli I've read all the tutorials now I'm even more confused than when I started. My first attempts were using Ardunio where I managed to get to be mobile and use wi fi to control with my phone but it was buggy and the arm just never worked even close to what I was trying for. So when I saw the EZ-bot developers kit I jumped on it but now it has me feeling rather stupid because I can't get it to do anything! The ARC software sounded good but its anything but easy the tutorials are more advertising then instructional and the manual for the software is one sentence telling you to use the tutorials I'm tired of being sent in a fruitless circle for the information I need! When I try to build my 5 servo arm with claw in ARC it sends me in every direction except where the answer is I'm instructed to make a servo profile so I click on the make servo profile button to be told I don't have a servo profile hint read tutorial on servos useless totally and completely useless the tutorial mentions servo profile but never shows you where to obtain one or how to make one. If someone could please help me over this wall by showing me or even making me an example of the "HOLY GRAIL" the servo profile I will be forever in your dept thank you for any help given or offered I'm very impressed with the community here one of the best sites I've ever been to for help with or pertaining to robotics kudos to both the hosts and the users you set a great example to all as to how we should treat one another. There I've vented lol! MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! confused


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OK, I understand your frustration. I really don't think you need a servo profile. To move your arm around the best thing to do is install the AutoPostion control and use that to build your movements. There is a little of a learning curve to the AP control but once you start it falls in place pretty quickly. Here's a incomplete quick start on haw to get started.

*Start by installing the Ap control in ARC. *Open the AP settings by clicking on the Gear at the top right corner. *Next install a picture of your arm and save. *Now go back into settings of your AP control and add a servo to each joint. These will correspond to your actual servos installed in your actual arm.
*Click on Port Edit mode and assign each of the added servos to the digital ports you have your actual servos connected to. *Next click on Real Time Update and if you have your servos connected properly to the assigned port you should be able to right click on the little window and use the slider to move each servo to a wanted position. *Save and you're good to go.

I hesitate to say this because of your experience but there are a couple member made tutorial on using the AP and a bunch of posts on using it. use the forum search function to try to find them.

For actual project examples of the AP control look at the top menu bar of ARC and find the EZ Cloud App Store in the "File" section. Click on "Open", This will take you to a ton of example projects. Look through them. The Rover with Front Gripper has a nice AP control that will show you a lot of what I'm talking about. When you get into the AP setting window you need to click on the frame name on the right side and have Port Edit Mode checked to see the servos assigned and their settings.

If you can do what you did with a dinky Arduino then you will easily be able to get the hang of ARC once you get going.

EDIT New Working Link: Here's a copy of my project. I have several unfinished AP controls: robotcontrol.EZB

Good luck, have fun and Merry Christmas also! ;)


Here's the manua for the Auto Position control:

That page will also display all other manuals for all other controls.

There is a button on the top of this website titled learn. The learn section is designed to teach and introduce the product to you. In your case, it is the developer kit. Scroll down on the learn page and select The developer kit course.

Everything you will ever need is in the learn section


@warlOck59, I just uploaded my project file - Robotic arm. I use it to run a robotic arm I built. It has 5 joints in it and a camera. Hopefully you will be able to use the files to get started. If you need a more help lets us know here and we'll help you out.


You guys are incredible I don't know if this will solve my problem but it's a great start thank you very much!


Thank you for all of your advice and help I am sorry about not giving a update as to my issue being resolved. I have made some progress but have had to put things on hold as my wife had just passed away I hope everyone can bare with me it is a very difficult time for me thanks


Incredibly sorry to hear about your loss


totally understand, very sorry to hear. I just very recently lost my dad, so am going thru the same things right now.