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Concerning Ez-Robot Software

Hello everyone I have a quick question. In the process of building our Female humanoid Robotic assistant. All we have left is to order the mechanics for the eyes and mouth piece to drive the mouth and of course her face. I was wondering. How do I add the image of her to the robot designer. So that we may calibrate her servo positions. I seen a video of someone who was using their Inmov robot in the design but didn't show or explain how they did it. If anyone knows how and can help me. Any help help would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance. my email is yours truly Paul


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Every control has a question mark next to the close button. Press that question mark for assistance with that control. The control in question is the auto position. Here's a direct link to the manual of that control, as if you pressed the question mark:

There's videos and information on that page. Have fun! And don't forget about the question marks:)


hello DJ its and honor and a pleasure to meet and be speaking with you. were a lot alike and have a lot in common. I'm hoping with your help and others and what I can do can make the best Artificial Intelligence Humanoid Robotic Assistant. I can create. It has always been a dream of mine to do something like this.


Wow - you definelty got my attention! Very excited to see what you come up with. Thanks for the kind words!


Hey there DJ, as you can see you are now a highly respected member in the Robot society! I must confess that I acquired the Ezb3 from some one in this forum that met you in person in Calgary. So when I posted that I was looking to buy one for my collection of Robosapiens, he mailed it to me here in Toronto. So it is very cool to know you gave it in person and now I own it! I did think about sending it back to EZ Robot store to get the 50 dollar credit and use it to purchase the EZ camera to go with the Ezb4 that I bought earlier. I just feel honored to have it and want to keep it in my display case instead! I will just buy the camera instead and if there are any older EZB version 2 or 1, they would be so cool to find and add to the collection!...Cheers!:D -----Almost forgot, question about time line for an EZB-5, since the Tiny is out what will come next,like a full version EZ-5 or will they be just Tiny versions in the future?


Thank you DJ that was easy enough. Now to just come up with the money for the ezbv4 controller camera so I can get started, kinda at stand still without it and would be nice to add a Mic input on the ezbv5 and maybe and onboard computer Oh and less I'm looking over it how do I add a search engine. So she can search the internet thanks Paul