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Community 3D Printer Buy For Ptp

Is there anyone interested in doing a community buy of a 3d printer for user PTP.

He has contributed so much in these forums.

Imagine what he could do with his own 3d printer.

Depending on how many people will help would determine the price for a 3d printer.

If interested please state how much you would donate. Optional, suggest 3d printer.



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You better add a bottle of aspirin to that list.
It was fun getting my printer set up and ready but at least for me I pulled out a few hairs before it was all done ... lol.
I kept postponing the first start up as I was really worried that the nozzle was going to come crashing down into the glass bed ... lol.

It looks as though you are doing your homework on this too, it's nice of you for doing all this!

Did this ever happen ?
I agree with Herrball the CR-10 has been plagued with issues and in my opinion is not an out of the box newb printer. I have a tevo tornado and it’s a cr10 knock off, still a lot of fiddling to get it to print correctly.

This has been over a month now and my suggestion would be send the money to PTP and let him make an informed decision. Like today.
UP Mini 2 or UP Box +... both fiddle free and print pretty much right out of the box... They also come with a 1 year warranty... virtually unheard of in the 3d printing world...

Sorry but I must have given the wrong impression on my last post.
Now I can see how someone might have read it the wrong way.
I did not mean for it to come out that I was putting the CR10 down.
I meant to say that whatever printer he gets that there might be some headaches in getting it and the software setup and running.

Just have fun in whatever one you choose, ptp.
Yeah sorry didn't mean to put words in your mouth, but i do agree on your observation.
I still see a need for a 200mm to 300mm by about 200mm build area. Smaller build areas limit what can be built easily and also printing multiple parts. Sometimes it's nice to not need to glue a lot of parts together or slice existing parts to print.

Maybe a bit of feedback from ptp on what he may want, or questions?

Time to buy.

Just an opinion.
I thought we decided weeks ago this would cause to much debate deliberating over printer choice and just transfer all the money to @ptp and he can decide since he is the user and this was collected for him.

@69developer can you transfer the funds to ptp please.

@nink, I agree 100%. We shouldn’t even be having the discussion. Funds should have been placed in his account last week. Starting to get a sinking feeling.
Packages should be arriving to PTP starting this week. I have had discussions with PTP about the printers. If he has any issues with getting things dialed in, I will personally help him. Everyone has their favorite printer.

The delay has been me going through some personal issues with a death in the family, its been rough as everyone knows. Its still is tough. I know no excuses, sorry.

CR10 is actually a pretty good printer / design. We are just fighting with them to get the open source software for the S version. Slowly making progress on that.

@fxrst - no need to be really harsh "like today" - "sinking feeling" - I stay in contact with PTP fairly often and he would keep my head above water.
69developer sent me a few emails, soon I'll have more details regarding this new adventure sponsored by you guys! I still can't believe this is happening.

(69developer/Keith): I didn't want to bring you more stress... you have a lot on your plate.


"Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate.
G. K. Chesterton
PTP you diserved it.you are always very helpfull.am very happy that this community has showen there best again.very proud to be one .

69developer,you are a great person that thinks of other people.the world needs lots of people like you.

@69developer I am sorry to hear about your stressful situation and condolences from all of us here and hope you can begin healing.

I know this goodhearted idea came from you and we know PTP puts in an amazing amount of his time here and deserves this reward. My only advice going forward, its always a good idea to keep those that contributed updated with information. If you have time to talk with PTP, and order the printer, then you have time to stop by here with a quick post stating as much or more.

We look forward to PTPs unboxing video:) And hopefully we can guide him through what will be a rollercoaster learning curve!
My time is limited and tired of hearing @fxsrst.

I'm going to send him the money and then you guys can pick out a printer for him and give him the support.

thats great ptp wil be very happy.ptp can choose for himself.
Thank you, @69developer for taking on the responsibility of putting all this together. Your time and efforts was appreciated by all here.

I am sure @ptp will enjoy his new 3D printing journey.

@69developer, I am sorry for your loss and wish you future wellness.
@69developer I misunderstood, I thought you said packages would be arriving this week, so I thought you have chosen the CR 10 for PTP. I think its better that he can now choose himself.
Here's the package FXRTST:

User-inserted image

The reason I sent it to myself before shipping to PTP was that I took everything out of box and put it together. Checked/adjusted the printer. Installed solid mounts on the bed. Installed anti-vibration pad on motors. Installed upgraded PTFE tube in hot end. Upgraded the firmware to latest Marlin and made custom boot screen that had PTP on display. Made sure filament out sensor worked ok. Installed hardened nozzle. Installed quiet fans. Did two test prints. Setup custom FFF for S3D.

It would not have been a roller coaster learning curve, he could have taken out of box and choose print. (I had preloaded a lot of STL's on the SD card in the printer).

I will eat the costs and keep it I guess. The money has been sent to PTP.
You should have posted that was what you were doing. We would have supported you sending that to him! Especially because you already have it mostly ready for him. That's why communication is so important!

You are a good man. I have a Tevo Tornado, a CR-10 knock off, and I love it...after i installed autobed leveler and added the smoothers and.. and...and. Hopefully they can get their issues with the firmware figured out. They are getting BBQed online.

You could easily sell on ebay especially with the upgrades you made. What version is this? S/5?
@69developer This was such a cool thing to do, knowing how much trouble it is setting a printer up and get it to work properly. Any chance you could still ship it out to @ptp? Did you loose any transaction fees when sending him the funds?