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Community 3D Printer Buy For Ptp

Is there anyone interested in doing a community buy of a 3d printer for user PTP.

He has contributed so much in these forums.

Imagine what he could do with his own 3d printer.

Depending on how many people will help would determine the price for a 3d printer.

If interested please state how much you would donate. Optional, suggest 3d printer.

Thanks, Keith


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donating in this fashion is outside of ezrobot's operation manual - so i'm personally in for $100


Well, he just helped me and wouldn't accept payment, so I'm sneakily in for $50 Cad too.


I am in for $50

So how do we do this ? Paypal ? What email ?


I guess if all can trust me, I know PTP and DJ can see my account here, you all can paypal me the money and I will order and ship PTP a printer.

I will myself put in $50, so looks like we are at $400 right now.


I will put in another 50$...

Only if it will be the new Prusa I3 MK3 though!:D Just kidding... ;)


69developer - that works for me to send you the PayPal. Thanks for arranging this


@69developer, I think I need to have your email address to send via PayPal

Thanks, Frank


am in for 35 euro's also need mail adres.


To prevent 69developer from having to publically post his email, I’ll email all of you with his email address


Been away, In for $100 let me know where to paypal.


Will, I’ll send 69’s email address to everyone in this thread. I’m traveling today - so I’ll do that on my next leg with wifi


@ dj

Please send it to me also.



I don't know what to say ! I'll start with a Thank you.

I've been out of the forum for a few hours, then i came back and i see this thread.

This idea is very wrong:) Can get me in more troubles...

Whatever i did to deserve this... it was done with the community spirit, i learn a lot using online forums, posts etc, also i get a lot of inspiration from different posts different mindsets.

so i believe everyone can be part of this cycle.

In some way i feel guilt to receive any reward as result of my contributions.

I'm still in surprise shock mode... so i'll stop writing.



Having lived at both ends of the spectrum, I agree the sentiment is wonderful and how the recipient chooses to utilize the recognition (Make, model consumables, etc) should be entirely up to them.

Thanks for all your help in the past ptp and the day you launch your kickstarter, ipo, ico etc ... it sounds like there is a community that has your back.


I don't get the opportunity to post or add too much to this great community so the least I can do is to say thanks to the people like ptp who do, put me down for $100


Put me down for $50 as well!


Any progress on this? Instructions etc?


Maybe we should just paypal ptp directly? This way we cut out a lot of middle men.


Or, @69Developer can set up a Paypal Money Pool. It creates a link that we can all send money to without him publishing his email, or DJ needing to forward email to all of us and watch the thread for anyone else who wants to jump onboard.



I forwarded your emails to 69 the other day - he’ll reach out to us:) I think he’s waiting till the end of the week to see if anyone else wants to jump in.


whats the amount of money we need to get?


Yes I got DJ's email with everyones info (email address). I was going to wait till end of the week and then post the final details here. I'm not really the middle man, ALL funds will go toward printer/filament for PTP.

@techguru, thanks for that info, will look into it.


I chipped in 50$ Swann Schilling aka Mickey666Maus :D


done :D this is truly an awesome forum.

United Kingdom

Please put me down for $50



I chipped in as well. I apologize that it's a small amount, but maybe it will cover a roll of filament.


Many Thanks PTP.


$200 chipped in! Thanks PTP!


In for 50. Thanks PTP.


$100 chipped in, thanks PTP


$100 chipped in too..

ptp... thanks for all your help



Someone throw a $5 in so we can hit $1000!

PTP you sure have helped alot of folks! Are you feeling the love? :)


I was hoping we got $1500 for a MatterHackers Pulse XE printer.

Any other contributors or thoughts on good printers.


Still a big Prusa enclosure is the only drawback on this machine, taxes could be a problem if you would want it shipped to the states!


@Andy Roid See post 31 for the payment link.



I might wonder if he would use the money for the components to build his own. I highly advocate anyone doing this. You learn so much on the inner workings and when you are done you know it inside out.


MatterHackers looks like another prusa i3 clone. My $200 Geeetech is a good little i3 clone and a few peeps on here are using them but learning curve is steep and assembly is laborious. Ideal for makers. I got a lot of help in using the printer from this forum. You need to make a surround to use ABS etc (@Holy1 had a good design).
I think if I was to do it again and do a serious build I would have purchased a better quality Prusa clone, maybe one that had a better feed mechanism and a wider print bed (200*200 is a little small). A heated bed is a must, have not tried autolevelling, autocallibration but it has to be better than trial and error with a business card.

If I had the money I would also purchase 2 Prusa i3 clones not 1. I would have 2 running and if one broke I still have one for spares (So I don't have to be down for 3 months ordering a part from China). You also need a bunch of print nozels as they clog all the time but are cheap in bulk.

The models need some decent software to slice them. I have not tried Simplify3D but it was recommended by @Perry_S ($150 seemed like a lot of money).

Filament is expensive and you need a range, ABS, PLA, PETG and that ninja flex stuff is cool.


For a 3d noob I disagree with @Holy1... I do not recommend buying components and building your own as your first 3d priner... I subscribe to the adage ... "Buy once, cry once"... My recommendations would be the original Joseph Prusa i3 MK3... If you can afford it I recommend the Wifi enabled UP printers (Up Box+ and Up Mini 2)... Absolute bullet proof printers... They print just about any type of material (filament) and are as fiddle free as you can get... I have built 2 inmoovs and much, much more with my 2 Up printers... In the initial set up I leveled their beds and haven't had to level them since... Buy once, cry once...


My thoughts, Get a printer which has been around and has a great track record. He also needs a machine with spare parts which are easily gotten. A minimum 200 x 200 or 240 heated bed is a good size Last, he needs decent filament. Buy junk and you are just looking for plugged nozzles and feed issues. If no enclosure building one isn't a big deal. The Prusa has been a good standard.

United Kingdom

Just chipped in $50

Why don’t you let PtP decide on which printer he wants?


I agree let PTP decide, I would also dissuade from any kits to build yourself. I’ve had a ton of 3d printers and none are easy but there are a few that print well out of the box.

Single most useful thing is auto bed leveling. One less thing to have to do manually. A good hot end and fast heating bed so you can print anything including exotic materials.

And I highly recommend some left over money for Simplfy 3 D the most powerful easy to use software to control the printer and for slicing your models.

My 2 cents


Yes, PTP will have the final say on which printer he wants.


Thanks for the help PTP. Contributed just now.


Yeah - have PTP participate in the selection because if there's only $400 or so outstanding for a $1500 printer, maybe that's within his budget?


We are only $9000 away from an SLS 3D powder printer. We can dream can’t we.


Interestingly enough, i cant find the pricing for consumables. With that big of a build volume going to cost some $$$ to keep it filled. $10K extra for the additional finishing station and mixing station is wayyy over priced. But that said, I might get in line. Time to lease again!

I have several parts on Alan that are nylon SLS formed, they are grainy but you can sand them out fairly well. They are light weight and strong.


Take a look at Lisa it has a low cost finishing station package for under 10K but the print area is really small. 150* 150* 200.


And forget an SLA printer... the chemicals are a nightmare to keep and work with and still expensive... Stick with a good old reliable FDM...


I just chipped in as well. Honestly I thought he already worked at EZR and this was part of his job since he seems so involved with the community.

Maybe DJ should hire him so he can keep himself in filament. :-)


Just a quick update, New Jersey got some snow, and we have a few trees down some parts of the city with no electricity, internet is not stable.

Regarding the printers, I need to rely on the community (you guys), there are so many talent work.

I'm real noob so it would help if you guys agree in a specific model.


I say we narrow down the choice to three printers, give pros and cons of each and let Ptp decide from there.

My first choice would be the Robo r1 plus. Its a simple to use printer at $500 I've had great results with it, auto levels glass top and can use most filaments. Then you have money left over for Simplify 3D and rolls of filament. Just keep in mind he is a noob.


I have a couple Robo R 1 plus , getting Ptp a couple of those would be awesome

I would also like to donate



see post #26 for donation


Hi Will,

Don't you have 2 or 3 of these machines? How have they held up building all you have made? I recall seeing an Alan being built on one.

I like the all metal hot end, and large print area. Does the ABS frame hold up well ? Did you build an enclosure for printing ABS or isn't it needed?

Looking at Will's recommendation, I would rate this one high on the list.




see post #26 for donation

Actually, Post 31 has the donation link. Post 26 was me suggesting we use one.

Copied here as well.



I will list the printers here, I ran out of time for now, will be back online later and finish filling in the pros/cons.

Robo R1+ $500 --Pros

--Cons ---Outdated

Wanhao D3 $330 --Pros ---Price

Wanhao D6 $699 --Pros ---Price ---Compact ---CoreXY

--Cons ---people have had to replace fans

Pulse 3D $799+

Pulse 3D XE $1500 --Pros ---Print any filament ---Excellent support

--Cons ---Price

Dremel 3D40 $1195 ($895 on sale) --Cons --- PLA only

--Pros --- Print and Forget - Simple to use --- Always works

Dremel 3D45 $1795

Prusa MK3 $999 (even though it has a large fan base and its an OK printer, I dont recommend this one)

Creality CR10S $599 --Pros ---Big build volume

--Cons ---Will not release the firmware (other people have though)

Creality Ender 2 $200
--Cons ----Build Size is very small

--Pros ---Price ---Print Quality


@andyroid yes that’s correct I have two of these among my arsenal. I used these to test and print. They go from 100 microns to 300 microns. I no longer print with ABS. I completely replaced with PETG, no smell, no warp and stronger than abs and no enclosure needed. I use aqua net on the glass bed. Prints from PLA are amazing.

I’ve prolly printed close to 3000 hours on both machines never had an issue.

Robo now sells enclosed units at a higher cost but still with in budget. I’ve not done research on these.

Only con I can think of is the heated bed doesn’t always heat evenly, and if you print from SD card difficult to incert.


Do we have a final plan with regards to a time frame from choosing, ordering and shipping to PTP? I just want to make sure we stay on top of this.


I have been sick and death in family, so sorry I have been out of loop for a while. I know PTP has been sick also.

PTP - What size objects would you imagine to print?


@69developer, @ sorry to hear of your troubles, family trumps all so everyone will be patient.


Hi @69developer I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I think many of us have been through this, so we have somewhat of an understanding of your situation.

I think we could all debate the type of printer to get etc but a lot of us here just have cheap $200-$300 prusa i3 clones that we purchased in a kit from China and assembled ourselves. The good thing is anything that goes wrong with the printer we know how to fix it because we assembled it. Some amaizing builds have been built with these including complete inmoov's and as far as I can tell the main difference between a cheap prusa i3 clone and a $2000 3D printer is the price and having to assemble it.

When ptp gets the printer I am sure he will want to build something so he will need servo's, sensors, actuators etc. He may also want flexible filaments, color filaments etc as the need arises.

May I suggest, why don't we just send the balance of the paypal account to ptp and he can spend the money on the printer of his choice and then use the rest for the things he needs?


I second @Nink's suggestion. It will be next to impossible to get a unanimous agreement on which printer. Give him the money and let PTP decide and start having FUN!


First to @69developer I Send you my condolences.

@ptp has asked for advice and opinions regarding which is best and what to get. Many users with many different models of printers and a lot of hours of printing have replied. He received a lot of information. When he is feeling well and is able to be back, I feel he should be sent the funds to buy what he wants. After all, he will be the one it's for.


Ok, team, I'm back for now at least. - still updating

Here is what I have come up with:

CR10S - 2560Processor with correct heat capacitor. CR10S - Anycubic glass plate setup CR10S- Wire Extensions CR10S- Spare Nozzles - various sizes .2 to 1mm CR10S- Solid Bed mounts CR10S- EZABL - auto bed leveling CR10S- Spare hotend assembly CR10S- Capricorn PTFE Tube CR10S- 3 stepper anti-vibration plates CR10S- 2 x lovejoy z-axis couplings

3D Solutech Filament PLA 1.75mm White x 2 Black x 2

Atomic Filament PLA 1.75mm White x 1 - Extra tuff


You better add a bottle of aspirin to that list. It was fun getting my printer set up and ready but at least for me I pulled out a few hairs before it was all done ... lol. I kept postponing the first start up as I was really worried that the nozzle was going to come crashing down into the glass bed ... lol.

It looks as though you are doing your homework on this too, it's nice of you for doing all this!



Did this ever happen ?


I agree with Herrball the CR-10 has been plagued with issues and in my opinion is not an out of the box newb printer. I have a tevo tornado and it’s a cr10 knock off, still a lot of fiddling to get it to print correctly.

This has been over a month now and my suggestion would be send the money to PTP and let him make an informed decision. Like today.


UP Mini 2 or UP Box +... both fiddle free and print pretty much right out of the box... They also come with a 1 year warranty... virtually unheard of in the 3d printing world...



Sorry but I must have given the wrong impression on my last post. Now I can see how someone might have read it the wrong way. I did not mean for it to come out that I was putting the CR10 down. I meant to say that whatever printer he gets that there might be some headaches in getting it and the software setup and running.

Just have fun in whatever one you choose, ptp.


Yeah sorry didn't mean to put words in your mouth, but i do agree on your observation.


I still see a need for a 200mm to 300mm by about 200mm build area. Smaller build areas limit what can be built easily and also printing multiple parts. Sometimes it's nice to not need to glue a lot of parts together or slice existing parts to print.

Maybe a bit of feedback from ptp on what he may want, or questions?

Time to buy.

Just an opinion.


I thought we decided weeks ago this would cause to much debate deliberating over printer choice and just transfer all the money to @ptp and he can decide since he is the user and this was collected for him.

@69developer can you transfer the funds to ptp please.



@nink, I agree 100%. We shouldn’t even be having the discussion. Funds should have been placed in his account last week. Starting to get a sinking feeling.


Packages should be arriving to PTP starting this week. I have had discussions with PTP about the printers. If he has any issues with getting things dialed in, I will personally help him. Everyone has their favorite printer.

The delay has been me going through some personal issues with a death in the family, its been rough as everyone knows. Its still is tough. I know no excuses, sorry.

CR10 is actually a pretty good printer / design. We are just fighting with them to get the open source software for the S version. Slowly making progress on that.

@fxrst - no need to be really harsh "like today" - "sinking feeling" - I stay in contact with PTP fairly often and he would keep my head above water.


@Guys: 69developer sent me a few emails, soon I'll have more details regarding this new adventure sponsored by you guys! I still can't believe this is happening.

(69developer/Keith): I didn't want to bring you more stress... you have a lot on your plate.


"Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate. G. K. Chesterton


PTP you diserved are always very very happy that this community has showen there best again.very proud to be one .

69developer,you are a great person that thinks of other people.the world needs lots of people like you.



@69developer I am sorry to hear about your stressful situation and condolences from all of us here and hope you can begin healing.

I know this goodhearted idea came from you and we know PTP puts in an amazing amount of his time here and deserves this reward. My only advice going forward, its always a good idea to keep those that contributed updated with information. If you have time to talk with PTP, and order the printer, then you have time to stop by here with a quick post stating as much or more.

We look forward to PTPs unboxing video:) And hopefully we can guide him through what will be a rollercoaster learning curve!


My time is limited and tired of hearing @fxsrst.

I'm going to send him the money and then you guys can pick out a printer for him and give him the support.



thats great ptp wil be very happy.ptp can choose for himself.


Thank you, @69developer for taking on the responsibility of putting all this together. Your time and efforts was appreciated by all here.

I am sure @ptp will enjoy his new 3D printing journey.

@69developer, I am sorry for your loss and wish you future wellness.


@69developer I misunderstood, I thought you said packages would be arriving this week, so I thought you have chosen the CR 10 for PTP. I think its better that he can now choose himself.


Here's the package FXRTST:

User-inserted image

The reason I sent it to myself before shipping to PTP was that I took everything out of box and put it together. Checked/adjusted the printer. Installed solid mounts on the bed. Installed anti-vibration pad on motors. Installed upgraded PTFE tube in hot end. Upgraded the firmware to latest Marlin and made custom boot screen that had PTP on display. Made sure filament out sensor worked ok. Installed hardened nozzle. Installed quiet fans. Did two test prints. Setup custom FFF for S3D.

It would not have been a roller coaster learning curve, he could have taken out of box and choose print. (I had preloaded a lot of STL's on the SD card in the printer).

I will eat the costs and keep it I guess. The money has been sent to PTP.


You should have posted that was what you were doing. We would have supported you sending that to him! Especially because you already have it mostly ready for him. That's why communication is so important!

You are a good man. I have a Tevo Tornado, a CR-10 knock off, and I love it...after i installed autobed leveler and added the smoothers and.. and...and. Hopefully they can get their issues with the firmware figured out. They are getting BBQed online.

You could easily sell on ebay especially with the upgrades you made. What version is this? S/5?


@69developer This was such a cool thing to do, knowing how much trouble it is setting a printer up and get it to work properly. Any chance you could still ship it out to @ptp? Did you loose any transaction fees when sending him the funds?