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Come Join In! - Friday Night Chat

Friday Night Chat - Come Join In!

Friday March 23, 2012 9pm EST - Eastern Standard Time This event repeats every week wher

Greetings everyone;

Come join in the group chat and see what other builders are doing. Ask questions and get info about your build or just say hi!

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When I click on the link for the Chat a progress bar pops up and it looks like it gets about a third of the way through then it just sits there forever and does nothing. Anyone have this problem? What am I doing wrong?


you might experience an issue if you are behind a firewall on a school or work computer. other than that, it "should" work fine:)


This is my home computer. I will check the Windows firewall. Maybe I will have to list it under safe sites.


I would love to chat but i can't, 9PM EST is 3AM in my time zone:(

United Kingdom

Same for me I'm zzzzing at that time :(


Im in Qatar so thats 4AM for me. tired


Dang I missed out cause I was busy trying to install win 7 on my laptop! There's next week though ! ;)