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Checking Volt Device

hi ,does anyone know off excisting devise you can plug on the 3pin wire,
to see howmany volt still is in the batt.


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Balance checker. 3 dollars and you could add a balance port plug on the pins to make it a quick connect.
hi mazelhorizon

do you have a link?

thank you
steve g
i cant by on amazon but i seen this model elswhere.


i have 7 ez robots would some work to connect them all online.

what do you guys think off this one.

batt checker
United Kingdom
You can still check battery voltage from any EZ-B (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5) in one ARC project. You do it from the connection control and click "Settings". But if you have 7 robots running at once, I can see how this would be useful.
Yep. That's why I got one. Haven't added it yet to my rc plane project, but it will come soon.