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Checkbox Who Talks First

would it be a good idea to ad checkbox in speechrecogwindow.for who speaks it sounds more like a conversation.excample blue may first.

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I would say that is how it works by default. The human always has to speak first to issue a voice recognition command in order to get a response. The red check boxes would only happen if someone did speak a command. Presuming it was unchecked, nothing would happen the same as if you did not speak or had no action associated with the speech recognition.


i mean excample the one got the blue box can speak first. the meaning is the possebility the change the color to first window or , second one.


I think nomad is asking for the ability to make some speech commands not active until another speech command has been detected.

If that's the case, doing it in the control would be far too much effort for the amount it would be used. I recommend adding simple scripting IF conditions for the phrases.


no like i mean ,checkboxes changeble from red to blue.but your right it would be , to much.


@nomad... The blue (or left side) always comes first no matter what. In simple terms the left side is for "listening to you" and the right side is for "doing things" when it correctly hears what you said... It can never be the other way around.... If you want the robot to ask you a question you can use the "WaitForSpeech" command in a script. This will allow the robot to ask you something and wait for your answer before continuing......

for example

#robot says
sayEZBwait("Nomad can we play a game?")

$answer=waitforspeech(30,"Yes","No","Later") #waiting 30 seconds for your answer

#robot is happy and says
sayEZBwait("Thank you, I love games")
#robot is sad
sayEZBwait("ah, you never let me play any games ever")
sayEZBwait("Ok, we can play later")


thats great idea thank you RR