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Check Out The User Statistics

Maybe I'm the last one to notice this lol, but under the community menu it looks like there's a new "User Statistics" page. It's awesome, it's like real life gamer points!

It's crazy to see some of those stats, it's the ezrobot hall-of-fame!

I'm glad I made the list in one of the categories :D


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Lol, I think you are the last one to notice Jeremie. It's been up for a couple of months or so. :P


Well that's embarrassing lol

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Sshhh, I won't tell anyone you didn't notice if you don't. It'll be our little secret. ;)


am first with most askers :)


How are the statistics compiled? I'm not listed at all.



indeed your not listed,you chould be on the listing to.

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Stats are compiled from forum posts. If you're not listed then you aren't in the top however many for that specific item over the specified time period.

A quick look at your user details shows this may be the case. Answer more user questions, create more tutorials etc. to increase your statistics and appear on the "leaderboard".