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South Africa
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Cheap 3D Printer

today i was checking on ebay for a 3dprinter when i saw a makerbot for only 645$ so i thought if you do not have a 3d printer and you want one for cheap like me then you mite like this here is the linkhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Makerbot-Replicator-2-Desktop-3D-Printer-Excellent-Condition-100-Working-/231190802930?pt=COMP_Printers&hash=item35d40bb1f2.i would have bought it myself but i live in south africa and the rand to the dollar the rand is very low i am still looking for a cheaper 3d printer


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the offer is a bidding ?
655 dollar+chipping+ciustoms cheap?
Why do you think he's scamming? I see nothing on that auction that would indicate he's a thief. There has been 29 bids so far and he has good ratings. What do you see that others don't. Share with us what you know about this seller or see in the auction that would make you say such a thing? *confused*
United Kingdom
That auction looks to be as legitimate as they come, excellent feedback, 5 stars on all detailed ratings, all negative feedback (which there is very little for a seller with that high a feedback) is explained fully. I'd have no problems buying from them and can't see a thing about it that would indicate any kind of scam whatsoever. Besides, ebay protects buyers so if it does turn out to be a scam there is a very high chance ebay would sort it out anyway.
According to Ebay the sellers ratings are 98.2 percent positive 575 positive 4 neutral and 11 negative to help in any decisions:)
there are some people who has not the best interst off selling good items on ebay.ebay dont do anything about this.
i experiance this several times.seller just change his name starts all over.
thank you anthony
Personally I prefer a seller with at least 99% feedback rating and above 500 feedbacks... Of course there are always exceptions... So paranoid maybe, but I have bought hundreds of items off of eBay and only had a few minor misrepresentations and/or problems so far...
am not paranoid.5 last items i bouth where broken or wrong color or just didn arrive or even dismantle.
they know you cant send it back,cause cost you more money.and on the other side if they decide not to refund,
and keep the item,there's nothing you can do.i now very sure some dilibertly do this.
ones i bouth a bioliod on ebay.seller named box are opened but new.so i bouth one.and put it together.
little did i know about robots.all went well and tested the robot.and to my surprise i got in one sec 10 death servo's.
so i checked again and i saw one little wire was dilibertly twisted.thats why the boxes are opened.
ebay says we cant do nothing.and paypall says your toolate.thats how smart these sellers are.
99% feedbacks means nothing. i prefer 1 excample like here.
now i say better one bird in my hand then 10 in the sky.
Whenever buying something that you cant varify or confirm or have questions about, dont spend more then you are willing to loose. With that said I'd be OK with bidding in this auction.
Use PayPal to pay , don't use a different merchant and paypal will put the screws to them if you put in a dispute. There are scams out there and sometimes there are great deals. Even if a piece is missing at that price you can replace all the motors and motherboard and still come out half 90 retail. Ofcourse bids typically shoot up the last couple hours.