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Chat Room Maybe

Hello was just thinking that a live chat room/page on here could be something to look into setting up im sure it would get used alot i know i would


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I second that. Only problem is and useful info discussed would not be searchable like a forum.
it can be searchable if setup for it and if the right chat server prog is run then everything gets logged plus the bots could allso join the chats and that would meen many many more things thay could do on there own like check the net post forum feeds and more:P

i have messed with mirc for many years and its can do ALOT more than most could emagen mirc is NOT just for chat rooms any more it realy is a great AI engen;)
Hehe Thanx! It was a good suggestion and came at the right time. I really wanted to change the website around a bit. Hope you all like the new changes. It's feeling more comfortable to interact with. It's our home, right?:) gotta keep it clean! We are getting soooo many new visitors to the site and looking at all of your robots. I want your robots to be showcased. They're so awesome!
Sweet , love the implementation turn around lol. Now my w500 isn't doing the black.line thing on the site anymore:)