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Change Layout Of The Moblie App From Within ARC

Good Afternoon,

I have a question if the community doesn't mind. I would like to change the layout of the Mobile Page based upon scrips from within ARC. For instance, if my robot has to make a decision and it needs your help to make it, but the mobile interface currently only has two script buttons to press, is there a way to add another? (I hope I explained it so that you kind folks understand.)

Thanks. Wayne


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Maybe I am not sure what you mean, but I was able to add at least 6 buttons to a my mobile app each of which has a script behind it... As far as I know it looks like you can add as many as you want....


@Richard R You are correct I did not phrase my question properly. Let me see if I can type it better.

My mobile app currently has 2 buttons that have script in it which is on my main desktop. On Desktop 2 I have all my script windows. I use script window number one to run a script on window number two. If a condition exists that i want to write on window 2, it talks to script window 3. The script contained from within window 3 will add another button on my main mobile desktop page on my tablet. After the condition is met the extra button on my main mobile desktop goes away and i still have my original two buttons.

I hope that is a better explanation of what I am trying to do.

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You want multiple Interface Builders.

Have each one with the controls/scripts required. In the scripts call the required one with a ControlCommand i.e.

ShowControl("My Mobile Interface 2")

This should change the control on the mobile app.