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Ces 2015: Meet Sopo, The Ugly Paper Robot That Brings You Drinks?


I'm all about supporting and encouraging innovation, but this was not ready for CES Audience .. I mean the OmniBot 2000 back in the 80's was better than this bot made out type of very thin paper like plastic!.. The only good part about this bot, is that it uses a Ez-b4.. I don't see many sells in their future, the booth really didn't get any attention... I felt sorry for them..


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They built that with zero budget - i'm impressed with their initiative. They apparently have many pre-orders which will help manufacture a more consumer ready product in the future.

I support all robots built by our community :)


@Morbeious you're really ragging on that bot... I posted a link to it the other day... I think they have serious potential... Their programming (scripting) is really well done... I would love to make something like that, but I don't have the design skills at the moment... Perhaps down the road if I can learn some 3d design software.... :)


If they have pre-orders I would be very surprised @Dj, (someone's fudging), the only thing they attempted to demonstrate were default scripts from ARC. they were getting alot of laughs at the show.. compared to all the other service bots (in their class) it was like watching grade school kids and their science project.. their was several reporters stating the same thing, asking what did they expect, and who did they pay or have inside C-net to give them so much publicity, that was kind of funny to just to watch/hear..and the price they were asking, lets not even talk about. I still give time them an A for effort, but they have a long way togo before they sell this thing..


We all learn to crawl before we can run :)


Yep, it took courage to show up to CES, I know I wouldn't have had the courage..


It looks like a vacuum form of the original Topo robot. One thing I thought was interesting was the crazy looking sideways wheels that drove the robot. I understand it has a dated low budget look , but some are looking for that style. It has the nostalgia from the original topo robots, but much easier to use!


If they get rid of those weird amputee arm stumps and re-do the (let's be honest) horrible looking head, this might be a really cool robot. I'm digging that early 80's polygonal body style ;)


It seems to look a lot like a version of the Androbot Topo.. User-inserted image


That's exactly what I said. It looks a lot like the Androbot (one of my fav designs of all time). Even more closely to the FRED version used by Atari.