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Asked — Edited
Resolved Resolved by CochranRobotics!

Cant Get Connect The Ezbv

for what ever reason it seems sinds the ip ezbv4 is change with mack adres,
i cant get any connected.

the engenius is diff for me .i will do more harm then good.

thanks steve g now i know how ap mode works.
i think last time was similar problem,server fell out then problem starts.
david repair it engenius has alot of settings.
I don't have time to look at it yet.

Do any of your ezbs connect to the network? If so, the issue isn't the engenius. We turned off mac address filtering last time.

I won't be able to connect to see what is going on until tomorrow morning CST. I am away from my house and won't be back until late tonight.
whenever you have some time is ok for me.
thanks david
Please answer, do any of your ezb's connect to your network?
yes just connected jd perfect
when i connect i instant see white led then green flaching rapidly for 5 sec,
then red
Sounds to me like mac address filtering isn't off after all. Just a guess.
am sure its of but i check again
Reboot of his access point resolved the issue. He is up and running now.
many thanks david cohran.
United Kingdom
Excellent. Nice one David.:)
am really sorry to say the problems keeps comming back.
when i disconnect the ezb and power off,it will not connect again.
all other 5 robots connect perfect.i gess i have a bad ezb.
so am gonna use the Contact Us if its not toolate.
i found when i reset engenius on pc,then ezb will connect to ARC.
but when power of and wait 5 min connection is broken.

i managed to set the clock correct in engenius .but problem stay same.
i fill in the Contact Us .
This same thing happened to me when I got my 1st EZB v4. I went the engenius route and made sure I had a strong signal for my EZB. However I still had the problem so I ended up getting a new router. I then manually assigned the EZB's IP address in the new router so the router's DHCP would give it the same address each time the EZB wanted to connect. That solved my problem (the same one your having).
@Dave Schulpius

thanks for responding.glad am not alone having this problems.
hi dave its the wifi anthene is bad.
me and jason sorted it out and the engenius has a chort range.
but it works .