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Ha, nice find... Looks like the ClearGlyph ControlCommand() has been lost in one of the past EZ-Script compiler upgrades. I've fixed it and it will be included in today's release:)


Tanks DJ

Now it will work lyke a charm

Since I have your attention could you tell me more about the capability of switching speech recognition in ARC in French?

Can it be done?




What is the EXACT syntax for this command? I assumed it was CC("Camera", ClearLastGlyph) but an error message comes up saying "unknown window Control Command: ClearLastGlyph". I tried a number of other syntaxes with no luck. I have downloaded the latest ARC software and EZ-B firmware.


Take a look at the command list. You'll find it within any EZ Script window. Click on the settings gear. If there is such a command it will be listed there.


I have looked/searched and found nothing

  1. Load ARC

  2. Select Project -> Add Control -> Camera - > Camera Device

  3. Select Project -> Add Control -> Scripting -> EZ-Script

  4. Press the GEAR Button on the EZ-Script

  5. Now the Script Edit window will appear. Press the "Cheat Sheet" tab that is on the right of the script edit. A large list of commands will be displayed. Those are commands for each of Controls that are in your project. Each control will accept a variety of ControlCommands() which are displayed there. Scroll through the list to find the command you are looking for. In your case, you are looking for "CameraClearLastGyph". Once you find it, press it with the mouse. It will automatically add to your code.


OK, I see now that I was missing the "Camera" in CameraClearLastGlyph. So for others who may have a problem, the exact syntax is: ControlCommand("Camera", CameraClearLastGlyph). This command does indeed work, but the error message still comes up.

I did not know that Script Help list did not contain all commands. So it pays to check Cheat Sheet list (which is a real eye test)!