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Can'T Find App

Please help I can't find the mobile app anywhere. I looked on the App Store and the play store.


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You won't find it anywhere... You have to make the mobile app in ARC on your PC yourself, upload it to the cloud then download it to your Android device...


he is right you will need to make they app on your pc and upload to the cloud so its available on your phone or tab


i didn know this,good question andrewez

good answer richard r.

maybe he can use some pics?


You download the Android app from this website. It is not on Google Play yet, because it is still in Beta.

The iOS app is not released yet (soon....)



Andrew, press the SOFTWARE link from the top menu of this website.

And welcome to eZrobot:)


Oppps sorry, thought the Op meant where do you download ez robot sample projects that you run on Android... My apologies...