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Resolved Resolved by CochranRobotics!

Cannot Connect In Wifi Client Mode

After configuring my Roli to client mode, it says that it connected successfully to my WLAN. But the ARC scan cannot find it :-(
It may be a policy (firewall?) problem, but I have not installed or activated any AV software. [Using Win8]


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It says: "o2 Box 4421", firmware version 1.01.20w
do you have teamviewer installed? If so, I could connect to your machine and figure it out. There are not any instructions online that go into this for your router.

if the screens are in German, I dont know that I will be of much help deciphering the language, but I know what I am looking for and will know it when I see it. It will probably take some clicking and trial and error, but, once I see the table, I will be able to tell you what your IP for the EZ-B is.
I tried to install TeamViewer right now, but it says that my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements. Perhaps it doesn't support Win8/64 right now ;-)
That is the same os and version I have and it runs fine. Did you download the 32 bit or 64 bit version?
sorry, I have a work issue that crept up. let me handle this and I will get back to you.
I found another version, which installed.
cool, what is your id in teamviewer? I am going to be juggling a little bit with work but this shouldnt take long.

will need that and the password in teamviewer, then after I get connected, we will edit your post to remove them.
do you have skype? if so, what is your skype name or email. I will call and it will make this go faster.
Skype has stopped working months ago.
We also can chat, I've xchat running in a Linux VM.
If you launch teamviewer, you will see a section that says Allow Remote Control. It will have your ID and your password. post those here and then we can remove it after I get connected.
we found the IP and she is on her way on the lesson to building Roli.

Have fun!
United Kingdom
Good job Dave. :D:D
Awesome work @d.cochran!
Thanks, David, for your kind assistance :-)

Roli is already moving and dancing, and the camera works. Now I can start digging into the details...

Remains one question: can I assign the robot a static IP address? It seems to change with every power on. But I fear that this had to be done in the router, and that looks impossible to me right now.
Assigning a static IP does need to be done in the router (really a reserved IP, not a static IP. Sometimes called Static DHCP).

you can set the dhcp for that mac address to always get the same IP. Because I dont read German, it would be hard for me to find the right place in your router to configure. You are looking for something under home net that says Static Leases. You will want to get the mac address from the lease page we were on earlier. You would then assign that mac address to a specific ip in your dhcp range( for example).
@d.cochran Nicely done! So glad you were able to help. :D
Finally I also could locate the DHCP settings page in the router, well hidden in the menu. Now my Roli also has an name, and a fixed IP address :-)
Grats Dodi, and you learned where that is for when you get hooked and start buying more EZ-B's.