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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Can You Make A USB Camera Work With Ezb Controller

Does anyone know if you can a turn a USB camera to work on an EZB controller?
thank you in advance.

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Short answer is No.

long answer is usb cameras have a pile of overhead with drivers and protocols and such. That’s waaaaaaay too much for a little micro to do.

Generally a robot would have an onboard computer and therefore have a usb camera connected directly. 

there is the esp32 camera and it’s wifi. It’s okay.
Thanks DJ.
I didn’t think it would work. My PC tablet is too slow to have the T265, lidar and 2 USB camera plus 2 megas.  Trying to use them all I get a USB controller error and then my T265 stops working.

I really want to get a RockPi X I believe it would handle all USB ports.  But they are over 170.00 too much for my budget right now.

The esp32 camera is only $8.00 so I’ll go with them for now.

Thanks again, you always have the answers!
Once the esp32 camera is programmed will it run independently using wifi with the camera device skill?
Thanks for the link DJ.
I ordered 2 of them and will let you know how the work.