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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Can't Wrap My Head Around This. Everything Here Is Free!!

I just realized something and it boggles my mind. This amazing robot control software that's available here at Synthiam is absolutely free. It's the most powerful and diversive robotic control software ever written and it's able to control so many different popular devises! OMG. Even the tech support is fast, friendly and free!

How do you do it and not be forced to operate out of your mom's basement?

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Origin Story
The idea of Synthiam originated in August 2011 at DJ’s summer cabin while building a robot with his grandfather sitting nearby.

His grandfather asked if DJ could teach him to build a robot Knowing the many disciplines involved in robotics, he told his grandfather how challenging it is to build a robot.

His wise old grandfather sat back in his chair under the bright Ishkibibble Beach sunlight of Northern Lake Superior and said Well, you can build a robot for yourself and have one, or "develop a product" to help others and have a million.

DJ Sures founded the leading robot development platform, Synthiam.

Programming Robotics must be accessible to anyone with an idea

A wonderful wise grandfather - Happy DJ took his grandfather's advise where we all can be partakers of DJ's mind and absolutely wonderful software. He deserves many thanks!

Okay EZang, that's a lot of personal information. Kinda worries me you know so much about DJ. Either you're a family member, stalker or the president of his fan club. 

LOL, just kidding. DJ is an easy guy to admire. I've read a lot of stuff like this over the years. He's a very open and accessible guy. Easy to like.
hi dave

indeed its amzing all still free.if you see the ubtech alpha mini app it cost 500 euro a year to use it.
the mini itself cost 1350 euro.


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DJ has a fan club?,LOL! Actually I can probably see that happen
,yes the fact that this software is actually free is mind blowing when you think about it,and the continued updates,how does he even find the time, I would be so Grumpy if it was me doing all the updates,but I am grumpy at everything so...
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You guys are too kind. Thank you! I’m sure the entire team feels the same way :D. There is a little expense in business to reach a threshold - and in this case, the industry requires our investment to realign expectations of what a robot is...  how it works... and how it’s programmed. 

...or taught in our case with our next technology announcement (soon)

the business models of other robot companies are not sustainable due to the burden of full stack development. We’ve seen this with the fall of Baxter (rethink), jibo, anki, and others.

Synthiam is the first company in robotics to build horizontally, but we didn’t invent the idea. I’m merely inspired by all other industries 

ps, compliments will get you everything haha!


..or taught in our case with our next technology announcement (soon)
Don’t think this went un-noticed;) looking forward to what ever AI I think is coming our way! Exciting times..
Any new Tech coming out is bound to be exciting, got me feeling like Doctor Evil about to get his swimming pool sharks with laser beams attached to their heads!
our next technology announcement (soon)

great news - EzAng